Six Must Read Books For Growing Businesses!

Many entrepreneurs believe that in the real world it’s the experience that counts over theory. While it is absolutely true, books do give you the knowledge but how we apply it in our lives is different ballgame all together. But there are many things that are absolutely new to for ones who are starting up from the scratch. Things like securing leads, handling the different types of customers, updates of the industry and many more are the things the newcomers are completely unaware of. So before you start up a new venture you may want to be aware of these nuances of the industry. And a well-written book may help you with these little things related to your work. And if you are a lazy reader, certain books also have audio offerings that save you from flipping the pages while at the same time making you aware of business related information.

Here are 6 books suggestions that we think will help every salesperson:

Growth Juice

How to grow your sales written by John A. Weber- An emeritus professor of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. John A Weber, having prior experience in companies like General Electric, ATandT, IBM, 3M and Federal Express, has penned down his experience from all these companies. In his book, ‘Growth Juice’ he elucidates his experiences with practical examples for the readers that help us formulate examples into action and the precis content also has innumerable sales solutions that are of huge help for any salesperson new in the industry.


The Inventor’s Dilemma

The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business written by Clayton M. Christensen- Michael Bloomberg, the American business magnate describes ‘The Inventor’s Dilemma’ as ‘absolute brilliant’. Christensen provides an insight by analyzing the changing technology and its importance in securing success of a company. It also describes in detail how the changes in the business is occurring slowly along with the changes in our perceptions. It is a must have for not just the entrepreneur but also for every book-lover.


Little Red Book of Selling

Gitomer also the seller of the ‘Sales Bible’, in his book ‘Little Red Book of Selling’ guides us with useful tips, techniques and attitudes one should implement in order to become a successful businessman. The book also have a handful motivational quotes that will give a morale boost. It sure is a great book filled with useful advice that one may discuss with a sales team.

Thinking, Fast and Slow written Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist who holds the Nobel Prize in Economics. This books seems intriguing due to its ability to encourage introspection. This book brings new perspective on one’s thinking and reacting process in matters like money, business, as well as life.


Guerilla Selling

Unconventional Weapons and Tactics for Increasing Your Sales written Orvel Ray Wilson- Here in this book, Wilson doesn’t pressurize or motivate you to be a salesperson yet sales is what it is about. It is dedicated to those who have to sell and have to become competitive using unconventional methods. And the best part about this book is it is fast-moving, action-packed based on selling, filled with practical tips and ideas that anyone and everyone can apply to increase their sales and personal income. It helps you take an edge over in the competition.

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling written by Frank Better

This book is more like an inspiration as it shows the journey of a failed insurance salesman turn into real estate company owner. This is Frank’s own story and hence the words talk to you inspire you in every page you flip through. Frank who mentored by Dale Carnegie, talks to the readers and shows how he achieved success through enthusiasm, positive thinking, the fact that he conquered fear, use of key words that turned the skeptical client into enthusiastic buyer, the quickest way to win confidence and also talks about the seven golden rules of closing a sale.


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