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Tell Us Something About The Store Owner-The Brain Behind The Brand?

By profession I am a 3D Artist, who eventually got bored of the mundane 10 hrs daily routine job life. By heart, I am a traveler, a Biker to the core. I simply can’t sit at a place and think about saving money. I love to spend, especially on food and travel and I don’t think twice before doing that. I have always believed that making more money than you need (while you are young) is the solution, rather than die daily to fill a stupid savings account. So, an idea about becoming a full-throttle Entrepreneur was always in my thoughts. I had the will, all I needed was a way.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Creating Your Own Store?

3 years back, I left my job and became a full time Biz Networker with an MNC. Besides the good pay, the company’s Education (training) really helped me in transforming into the free-willed man that I am today. But when everything was going in my favor, things started to change. My health suffered via a rare Bone-TB disease and a severe left leg spasm, both of which made me stuck on bed in excruciating pain for months. My will shattered, I lost faith. I was on ground Zero – barely any income & newly married!  I was out of options. Hence, I decided that it was time to apply my Biz Networking Education in real sense. E-commerce was an instant & obvious choice, and Smaugit was born.

What Is So Unique About Your Online Store? basically houses unique imported stuff, mostly Imported or hand-picked from different parts of the world. These items are very rare to find in India, especially at our given price. Even if there are common smartphones listed on our site, they’ll be very hard to find at our given price. Besides that we have listed very unique gadgets, gizmos, collectibles & essentials. Hence we like to call as – ‘India’s only Assorted Essentials e-Store’.

What Were The Major Challenges Did You Face While Starting Up?

Here I would like to speak some bitter-sweet truth so that the readers do not get a wrong rosy-dosy picture! It’s nowhere easy to start an E-commerce Biz, or any business for that sake! Lots of hassles & surprises that will shake your budget & vision both, at any given time.  From deciding what to sell? How to sell? How much to stock? How to arrange finances? What kind of backup to be kept? Store look? Which platform to use? Isn’t easy. The mere thought and starting process drain you up badly.

Thanks to KartRocket that we now have a cost-effective tool n support for easy store setup. Even though KartRocket provided me with maximum support it can, I was badly troubled by the payment gateway guys. All I can say is, besides that one major issue with the gateway company, Kartrocket took care of everything else. Thanks.

Any Learning You Want To Share With Fellow Entrepreneurs?

Yes, two things:

1) Make enough money while you can.

2) Stop thinking; just start doing what you feel like.

How Was Your Experience With KartRocket?

Smooth up till now and hoping for the same in the future.

Visit their website Smaugit to check out their seamless website and order some amazing accessories for bike, computers, mobile and many more.

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Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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