So you have an “APP” idea, but is it worth the effort?


Recently Facebook has declared having 1 billion users in a single day but there was a time back in 2004 when it had a stiff competition against sites like Myspace and Friendster who was said to have a membership of a million users at that point of time. That time battling against these big sites might have seemed like a crazy and over ambitious dream for Zuckerberg and team but now they are, the owner of the biggest social networking site in the world. WhileApps and startups are the new big thing in the economy, perhaps there isn’t a single person who hasn’t thought of an app idea in their minds. While some laugh at their own mind doodle there are people who actually make an effort to invest in these ideas.


Below we have categorized people who are extremely inspired by their ideas but don’t actually know how to go about with them in the right way.

The ‘chaser’-

This is a group of those who are super enthusiastic about their ideas and product but somehow their enthusiasm gets lost when it comes to execution. They lack the perseverance to make their plans work and sooner or later they come up with something new and again lag behind in the execution plan. This goes on in a cycle. Endless ideas and endless plans. Too bad they don’t make it to the real world. Maybe because working and execution in making your ideas work is far more valuable, time consuming and tedious and not all have the ability to do that. No offence fellas!

The ‘hoarder’-

These are exactly the nerds whom you meet at school who always kept on saying they were unprepared for exams and ended up being the top scorers! Because they were too scared of people stealing their scores. Well, don’t be surprised if you meet these freaks outside high school. They are undoubtedly the brilliant ones but fear people stealing their ideas. And trust me, it is almost like a phobia! They work secretly in the most discreet manner and without fail make sure you sign the non-disclosure agreement even before they spill out the place where he intends to meet you to discuss their plans. Funny yet annoying!

The ‘greedy’ ones-

“Brother, If this works I want my 30%”. They are the ones who always come with strings. In fact they are the lazy ones too, they share their ideas in the hope that you would do all the hard work, all the running around and the paperwork. And he would just sit back, relax and have his share of profit. And for all you know they also take pride in broadcasting how it was their idea and be the hero among the mass. In fact this kind fall under the category of the hoarder as they both share mistrust and fear of people stealing their ideas.

Final Say

Not that blog is an attempt just to criticize certain kind of people. It is a piece of advice to those who want to do something about their app ideas. The bullet points above are to show how you should not be such kind of people. Instead you should try to focus on the points like:

  • Why do want to make your app? What is your ultimate goal? (Is it for revenue, something to learn, leads, engagement?)
  • Once you determine your goal, what are the problems that you wish to solve with your new app? (How is it being solved if not for your app? Target audience, grand vision)
  • Market research ( Potential and existing competitors, size of your market, your competitive advantage)
  • Validation of your idea (Application of ideas in the real world, seeing how feasible it is in reality)

As easy and simple it may sound, almost 85% of people are clueless about these basic steps to go about after they have thought about their ‘big’ app idea.


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Puneet Bhalla

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