Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

While sitting on a cafeteria, walking down the sidewalk or waiting for the next bus, you will notice people with their eyes fixed on their mobile phone, iPod or tablet.  You can assume that many of them are checking out their social media accounts. It is tremendously apparent that social media has implanted itself in the society that has internet access. For this reason, ecommerce website owners must incorporate social media marketing for eCommerce, else they will be losing thousands or millions or potential sales.

Social media marketing for eCommerce refers to the marketing techniques that utilize social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Through this, businesses can connect with consumers on particular level. With social media visibility, they can appear more available and amicable. The barrier of intimidation will be reduced significantly for businesses can respond to consumers directly and specifically. There are several social networking sites that can be used but let’s just discuss some of the most popular:

Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today. If you are considering social media marketing for eCommerce, then Facebook is something you should not miss. There are more than a billion of active Facebook users and that number should convince any eCommerce website owner to join this site.

  • a) A Facebook fan page is an extension of your eCommerce site; however it has more potential to generate good traffic. As mentioned earlier, this social networking site has billions of active users that share millions of links each month. If your fan page is interesting enough, it will be shared by numerous users. Do not just post promotions about your products of services. Post something that can help people like tips and tricks and trivia.
  • b) Post something really interesting and expect people to click the Like button. More likes will give your page more chances of being on the news feed where more people can see it. You must use the Likes to determine what the target audience prefers to see from your Facebook fan page.
  • c) Get more specific Ads

Facebook ads can be shown to a specific group of people classified according to their age, gender and location.

Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is like a bulletin board filled with pictures. People “pin” images of things that “interest” them. The pinned images can be viewed by their followers. eCommerce websites can use this to make their products or services go viral.

  • a) Humans are generally attracted to visual contents.  Hence, Pinterest marketing can also be an effective marketing tool. Many prefer to browse pictures rather than reading product or service descriptions.
  • b) You can include a Pin-In button in your site and click it if an image must be shared automatically to your Pinterest account. This saves you time and energy.
  • c) Get close with your loyal customers by creating pinboards exclusively for them. You may  ask them images that depict how your brand influenced their life.

Twitter Marketing

Dubbed social networking site with few words, Twitter surprisingly garners a top spot among the most famous sites of today. Although the characters are limited to 140, you can tweet links, images and videos as much as you want. Your tweets will be shown to your followers. A tweet that has been “retweeted” can also be seen by Twitter users who are not following you. Here are some twitter tips social media marketing for eCommerce.

  • a) Use hashtags ( #insert any word here ) to expand the reach of your tweets. Hashtags group messages and link people using the same hashtag. For example, if you want to find tweets related to Thanksgiving, put type #thanksgiving on the search tag and click the magnifying glass icon.
  • b) Don’t always tweet about your business. Followers will find your profile boring and profit-minded. They will want to read funny tweets too! Make your tweets as interesting as possible but still appropriate. You may tweet helpful instructions or ask the insights of your followers.
  • c) Retweet the tweets of your followers. They will be thrilled with this action. But do not retweet just anything, pick good ones, of course.
  • d) Comment to the tweets of your followers. The point of doing social media marketing for eCommerce is to connect with consumers on a personal level. Without responding to their tweets, this will not be achieved.

If you a Kartrocket client, you can use following apps for social media marketing for eCommerce:

  1. JustUno

Boost sales & social marketing leads by offering instant coupons for a Facebook Like, Tweet, or Google +1.


Run Facebook contest to get more page likes/shares by giving away shopping points in return.

  1. GetKudos

Curate positive reviews from social media to increase website credibility & visitor trust.


Give discount coupons to your customers for liking/following you on social media.

  1. Baggout

Give Rs 50 cashback to the customers for sharing their purchase on Facebook & Baggout


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