Social Selling: Not a Buzzword Anymore

social selling

Before there was Facebook, LinkedIn etc. our yesteryear counterparts used to buy stuff from others in social ways. Garden fence was a platform for seeking feedback or advice from friends and neighbors, stringer letters were being written to manufacturers, in case of any product dissatisfaction and so on.

With the evolution of technology, the idea of social selling has manifested itself in a different way altogether. It has become much easier, faster and better for consumers to find out about the good and bad about each product or service. The wealth of information at their disposal in the form of forums, blogs, discussion threads has replaced the garden fence conversations in a big way.

Welcome To The Social Selling Era

So, imagine the world where there are buyers who want to buy the product which you have in your company. They have the required need for it, they also have a timeframe set and perhaps a budget too! If only your product would get visible in front of them. If only! And they would readily make the purchase from you.

Traditionally speaking, to get to those buyers, you need to find out who they are, where they are from and how to connect with them which has never been easy. However, fortunate enough that we are, the online social media have connected us with the world around in the most effective manner. Tapping this gold mine of a resource to our benefit is what essentially one needs to do.

Discover Opportunities With Social Selling

The question of where to find the buyers and connect with them has its answer lying in the world of social media. People nowadays are quite open about their intentions, tastes, preferences and choices when it comes to buying behavior. They are constantly uploading their needs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and post on forums and blogs. Therefore, all you require is to have a good ear for listening to what your prospects are saying.

Well, in case you are looking for more proof about the benefits of social selling which you ought to be crazy to miss, here are those:

Shortened Sales Cycle: A study shows that there has been a major shrink in the vehicle purchases over a period of time. Social channels have acted as a catalyzing agent in this purchasing process.

Managing Reputation: 80-90% of customers have gotten influenced by reviews of blogs and forums on the internet regarding purchasing decisions. They are researching well about the company, sales force, etc. Social selling optimizes your sales force’s public profiles in order to speak for your brand before anyone else does so.

Generation of Leads: With the slow death of cold calling and banner ads online, the social selling comes out as an advantageous platform where your sales force can establish their social media presence and take care of all the monitoring activities while engaging customers in conversations with regard to products, services and other features of a particular company.

Various platforms of Social Selling

social selling_whatsapp

The messenger form of selling is strikingly innovative while helping you establish as a brand locally. KartRocket enables you to sell on WhatsApp with its mobile app as well as through the online store. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business, WhatsApp can be a niche platform where you can easily share your products or services to your customers in the most direct way.

social selling_facebook

Being the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook has integrations, affiliations and programs of various kinds to offer to buyers and sellers worldwide. This has enabled businesses to compete with another in a more structured format wherein the focus is on customer engagement and lead generation along with prospect sales. With the help of KartRocket Online Seller App, you can start selling your products on Facebook in a jiffy!

social selling_twitter

The #Hashtag generation has opened up this platform for many celebrities, businesses, salespeople and customers to directly voice their inputs, opinions and feedbacks in a 140 character limit format on Twitter. Twitter has become a rage with buyers who want to know firsthand information about any particular product or service. It directly influences the purchasing behavior of an individual.

inssocial selling_instagram

As the name suggests, the instantaneous clicking, uploading, sharing and selling of products can happen on Instagram. While this platform has been a recent addition, it has become widely popular amongst many artists and connoisseurs along with entrepreneurs and businesses as well who want to showcase their talent and sender their products or services for sale to customers.

Social selling is practiced by companies in understanding, engaging, communicating and retaining customers as well as in lead generation. It is time that you too change your marketing strategies to embrace the changing times by adopting social selling. There could possibly be no better time than now to use social media as a platform for generation of business.


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