Socultures – A social commerce whose designs are inspired by the cultures of the world!

“Every cultures tells a story.”!!! It’s the concept behind the brand- SoCultures. It is the brain child of Rakhee Kaushik, who is very enthusiastic about taking up new challenges. She worked with various educational institutes and organizations where she encouraged students to think beyond comfort zones and conditional boundaries. Later, she was appointed Times NIE coordinator and helped students to start their own newspaper.  She continued training the students of various schools, MBA colleges, and corporate in soft skills. Touching lives of people is the best reward, as they say.  Later she joined a women’s magazine as a writer and covered many women- centric articles. Published in various magazines and newspapers, she also won CBT short story writers award.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

To be honest, it was about utilizing my capabilities, skills in the most productive way and to see my ambitions blossom into a socially conscious organization. It was also about learning the different aspects of the systems, and of businesses. Moreover, I sincerely wanted people to realize that how important it is to appreciate the life we live, which is our cultures – One can find in music, films, dances, festivals, crafts etc. Make the world a better place!!! I wanted to make every individual know his life better, heritage and culture, especially our youth who are getting lost in digital noise. How interesting it could be to talk about a film or a book in 60s famous in India or may be something similar in Poland. So we have created blogs for cultural conversation like music, art etc where the world can discuss a single topic in different format. They can post web pages, images, you tube links videos etc.  This explains the SoCultures’ tagline “Every Culture Tells a Story. SoCultures is a call for action.

The Global Shop: Showcasing the cultural products from all over the world.

We want to showcase the products from all over the world which have an element of cultural values. So the idea of an online store came as a need so that we could reach to anyone in any corner of the world.  In fact, our products also tell the stories of cultures. They could be high-end or   low cost but definitely original and a heritage.

What is so unique about your online store?

It’s the Culture!!! Not only of India but the cultures from all over the world is idea behind the business. Its uniqueness is making real people our models. The company has got an extraordinary and exceptional background, considering it talks about culture, not only of India but that of the world at large and people appreciating each other’s cultures. The company aims to bring the world on a single platform called “SoCultures.” And at the same time – shop global products so, we can say that the company is working in two verticals

Vertical1: Social media platform, where the common people would be the real heroes, real models, called as “Culture Catalyst”. This social media would provide them a platform, where they will have inspired conversation.

Vertical 2: This is a purely e-com, selling products to the customer. · This will include Indian products rich in cultural quotient. ·

The next stage will be taking focus to the South Asian countries. We want to focus on countries like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Philippines which have rich cultural background, with unique crafts and weaves. Later SoCultures will reach and cover Europe and other parts of the world.‘SoCultures’ not only aims to retail through its website but through different offline models as well.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

Coming from a non-computer background, it was not an easy task to understand everything related to computers. Also to work on different aspects of building a brand is an overall learning experience.

I had to work on all the segments like marketing, advertising, blogs, affiliation, content etc. And also to make people understand the idea has been very interesting as well the most challenging part.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

It’s about wisely managing money – making the best of available options and, keeping a close track on scaling and improving the business model. One should always adhere to the core values and ideologies with which you started your business. India is a diverse country; we should build a team which has open minded acceptance for each other. The team spirit should stimulate creative thinking and ideation process.

How was your experience with KartRocket?

They have been the fantastic partners throughout the startup and ideation phase. They have got excellent plans and features which is very helpful for any business -old or a new one. .They have a very polite but a professional team who helps to give the best shape to the look of the store. They have this DIY built in feature which are very helpful to run the store and manage it efficiently. Their step but step guidance was helpful to set up the store.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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