Spread Your Brand to Highly Relevant Audience With KartRocket

KartRocket offers advanced features that help you increase the reach of your brand. We empower you with latest technologies to drive targeted audience to your websites. Bundle of Marketing integrations definitely the best match for any business requirement. Dynamically build audience which are most likely to convert & seamlessly run Facebook & Google ads on them. One click integration with the best affiliate marketing tools to help you list on high traffic websites attracting lot of potential customers.

1. Attract Users With Google & Facebook Ads

Display your product to most relevant audience across multiple channels with single automated platform. We understand that every business is unique in its own sense, ads which work for one might not work for all. Hence, we analyse and predict conversion rates & demand for each product based on your site behavior. With our predictive analytics, we set rules for auto allocation of budgets & bids. One click integration with your KartRocket store makes it all the more easy to keep your audience updated about recent changes. You can quickly create and launch ads using your existing product data, by utilizing the auto generated product feeds from the panel. Our advanced engine helps you run dynamic re-targeting ads which helps you promote your products to users who earlier viewed it. It’s easy to integrate and implement on your eCommerce store with only basic understanding of the system.

2. Track and Measure Conversions With Pixel Tracking

Pixel is a unique code created based on your website’s entity id, to track action from a given platform on your website. It is preferably placed on specific page or on a particular action you want to track. Each platform might require a unique pixel to be placed which would help you measure every user action on your website. It is used to track, report conversions, build audiences & get rich insights about how people use your website’s particular event. Default pixel code is pre-embedded in your website, you just need to copy the unique id from Google Adwords, Facebook or Analytics Account and paste it in the space provided in the store admin panel.

3. Sell On High Traffic Affiliate websites

Market your brand on high traffic websites, gain potential & targeted leads with top rated affiliate marketing tools. Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention through viral referral campaigns. KartRocket provides seamless integration multiple affiliates. Once integrated you can track the performance of all the affiliates on a single dashboard.

Affiliate Networks: InnoExcel, IcubesWire, Dgxsell
Affiliate Sites: Freekamaal, Mydala,
Coupon Sites: Coupondunia, Coupon Nation
Referral and Cash back Engines: Refiral, Baggout

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