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Today Bill Gates may jeer all he wants or Mark Zuckerberg can happily holiday in Greece. But once upon a time they were hopelessly confused college graduates with only an idea on their minds. They did not have a plan to guide them or a mentor to tell them how they were supposed to carry forward their businesses. They just worked really hard on whatever they had and could give to the world. Focussed on that and moved on. They just floated with the flow. And yet sailed against all storms. They learned everything that they did with the swiftness observed by any and every hard worker.

But wait. Why am I relaying rhus story? This is e-commerce that we are talking about. This is not about building a software empire. An e-commerce site isn’t about bringing forth new innovations. It is about selling and winning. Both at exactly the same time. And unlike Bill Gates, you have a lot of competition. And your work is very much difficult and different. There await opportunities all around and there remain customers that need to be catered to. But the question is how to get them to pay attention to you? What is so amazing about you that people will buy from you itself? Why won’t they drift off to another seller the next time they shop? How to gain their trust and loyalty?

You just started your firm so obviously you have nothing of particular interest to people credit your position. Well we basically intend to change that! We need a strong foot-holding in the marketing world that should create an impact on people who we interact with. Ebing just another one of those touch and go sites is an unacceptable fact if you want to grow into a successful and adored e-commerce firm! So you know you have to work off on your site if you intend to attract the right amount of audience. Defeat the competition and secure the appreciation. That is the mantra to be kept at heart. But practically how do we do that. Lets learn.

1. The right brand grabs the customers’ hand

Once globalization began there was no backing out on the “quality matters” theme for people. There is definitely a maddening adoration in the market for particular brands and that is surely not changing in the near future. The loyalty that a particular brand aspires in people is only the beginning in people’s craziness while they shop. You have to understand that if you want to be loved by the people you have to get their complete and undivided attention. They have to be madly in love with you (i mean your store) and should remember you all the while.

To have an audience you need a reputation that the people can fall for. Like for instance when I want noodles at home I think of Maggi. Not Top Ramen or Hakka noodles. No. Just Maggi. That is the kind of  effect you need to have on your prospective buyers. Understand that you need to give something to people they can associate themselves to. Do that and you are sure to win them to your side. Now you need to satnd out. So do something that makes heads turn and not turn back. Get a name that is worth remembering. If you give some abstract silly name you are sure to be forgotten right after the first surfing by a user. Instead make it easy to remember and come back to. Plus your brand should give out positive vibes and a sense of dependability. You are establishing yourself, so send out the right image. Give symbols and stories around your store for people to conveniently relate to you. Once people recognize and refer to you as the store they want to shop with, you will come across only uphill from there.

2. Did you have them get the right feel?

Most start up enterprises are so busy trying to grab a hold on people to buy from them, that they just do not pay attention to what users will see once they get to their site. You see you may acquire myraid of audience but they are sure to trickle out of your grasp the very next minute if they don’t like you. Simple as that. If you want to succeed you don’t need to emphasize on getting more and more people. Your focus should be to try and keep the ones who you currently have too. It is important that the people you interact with stick around for longer periods of time. If they shop once and leave well you didn’t really gain much. You want loyal customers who will stick around for long.

Apart from setting a reputation for yourself that shows you as a renowned brand, you have to live up to it. There is too much competition in the world today. And there are just too many e-commerce sites for a user to choose from. Hence the user upon encountering your site is sure to start comparing it to other sites he has visited. They may compare prices, quality and lots of other things consciously. But one more thing that they compare without even realizing it is the feel that they get after accessing your site. “feel”? Yes feel, as in the experience that a user gets from being at your site. This may include a lot of things. The loading time, navigation, design, ease in finding the right call for action buttons and a lot more. Basically users should feel content and satisfied after they have shopped with you. Shopping with you shouldn’t be like trying to solve a Sudoku. It should be simple and utterly easy. You need to design everything from the users’ comfort perspective. From the signing in part (don’t ask for stupid extra details that make people wanna claw at their hair) to finding stuff they like (design it well please) to hassle free purchasing. Map out each stage for the users’ comfort. May even add little traces of personality or personal questions that make users feel more attached to your site.

That is not all, you cant possibly rely on self-approved details to make your site better. Use tools like Google Analytics that gives you insight in your customers’ heads. Keep count of how many people just visited your page and left without buying. Or count the number of viewers that you get with your upcoming designs. Experiment and understand what are the top traffic sources and what ideas deflect people at their mere mention on the site.

3. Search Engine Exploitation

What are the three magic words that can bring joy and assured happiness to your face? Search. Engine. Optimization. There is one thing to be amazing and then another to not have the perfect design and capabilities. Now if you are not picturesque enough to turn heads around, well hard luck. Get working on it! Now this problem was treatable. But if you have everything done perfectly and still fail to acquire the appropriate number of customers; well you are missing something. No don’t get so frustrated! Try to understand the situation. If people want to buy exactly what you sell but don’t even know about your store then frankly there just couldn’t be a worse day. Your store is going to go undiscovered and the genuinely incoming crowd diverts to your competition sites. So getting SEO smart is an urgent need of the hour. Just a couple of things to bear in mind and all is great!

In case of Google, when you write duplicate content your work does not really show up in the top searches. Don’t just use the manufacturer’s default product descriptions, because any other stores selling the same items will probably have done the same. Instead redefine everything. Give a more detailed product description that can probably cover as many keywords that users may use when searching for a particular kind of item. Also get the images right as they may help customers get a clear idea of the product. But the biggest faux pas: don’t just leave the product description fields blank!  Hire a professional writer to write something engaging and persuasive which will help in converting customers as well as improve your search rankings.

You’ll also want to make sure your permalinks are descriptive and include relevant keywords for each product, and that you have a clear and well-laid out sitemap and internal search engine. Fill up all fields and details and don’t leave out anything blank. The more there is to search from the more is the possibility of you being featured in the search details.


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