Easy Steps to Integrate WooCommerce with ShipRocket/KartRocket

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket

Order management and shipping are the toughest challenges for many ecommerce entrepreneurs. However, KartRocket/Shiprocket tries to help you overcome this hurdle. As we have already discussed about the KartRocket-Magento integration as well as KartRocket-Prestashop integration in our previous blogs. Today, we have come up with the easy integration process of WooCommerce with KartRocket/ShipRocket.

WooCommerce is a well known ecommerce plugin for WordPress websites. With this plugin, you can extend your WordPress experience and sell online. However, it does not provide shipping, for which you can integrate your WooCommerce store with ShipRocket/KartRocket, import order, manage them and start shipping.

How to Integrate WooCommerce with ShipRocket/KartRocket

Following are the easy ways to integrate WooCommerce with ShipRocket/KartRocket. Before you proceed with these steps, make sure that you have installed the WooCommerce plugin on your Word press.

Step A.

Enable WooCommerce API Key

1. Login to WordPress admin panel.
2. Go to Users -> Your Profile.
3. Check to enable Woocommerce API Key.
4. Click Update Profile.
5. Here, you will get Consumer Key & Consumer Secret for WooCommerce. Copy them.

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket

Step B.

Go to WooCommerce App

1. Login to KartRocket/ShipRocket admin panel.
2. Go to WooCommerce App.
3. Click on WooCommerce Configuration. Enter your WooCommerce Store URL, WooCommerce Consumer Key & WooCommerce Consumer Secret (that you copied in Step A).

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket
4. Click on Save.
5. Click on WooCommerce Import Orders tab. Choose ‘From Date’, ‘To Date’ & ‘Order Status’ as filtration.
6. Click on Retrieve.

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket 4

7. After the process, you will start getting the orders details from WooCommerce.
8. Click ‘Check on Order ID,’ which you want to import on KartRocket/ ShipRocket panel.
9. Click on Import Selected button.

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket
10. When Import Processing is done, check Order Process menu.

integrate woocommerce with Shiprocket/KartRocket

Yes!! Now you can start shipping for your WooCommerce store products with ShipRocket. Go Shipping! 🙂

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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