Store of the Week: – A Football Fan without the right gear? Suit Up!

Store of the Week: – A Football Fan without the right gear? Suit Up!

Just when you thought you were the greatest fan of ManU, you realize you are wearing a Chelsea Tshirt! That is certainly the biggest fashion disaster and before another blink of the eye, you set fire to (the rain? Um no) that T-shirt! Yes! Shrugging your shoulders over a job well done you get back to your game! Now as you are now heading out to your regular soccer practise with friends you realize you don’t even have a jersey that symbolizes your fandom. Oh my God, what could be worse? So you got no ManU love in your heart, huh? And why just stop at football? The thing that keeps you grooving is another need of the hour! How do you depict your devotion to Pink Floyd or Guns n Roses if you don’t own their merchandise!? Are you a real fan or a faker?

OMG people what sort of fandom does not gel with their gurus? This is insane, even blasphemous to some extent (yeah, I’m not even overacting yet!) To the rescue of this OMFG moment is OMFG itself! (Um sorry, what?) No don’t get so perturbed! Introducing to you one of the classiest e-store! It is a one-stop-shop for all die-hard fans!

Not many stores specifically focus on sports merchandise or make great T-s just for the boys around here (or anywhere for that matter!) Which is one of the biggest excuse that you should check out this store. Plus I know you lazy guys are hardly quitting FIFA 14 so an online store that features gear for you is a perfect hit! Hence is the one place you want to be at, to grab great stuff themed on football, music (as I mentioned earlier), superheroes (yep smash and crash) and lots more!

With reasonable rates and verified quality, how could something so awesome be so convenient? But then OMFG, it is! The site, designed with Kartrocket is surely a state of art for anyone with a fetish for a sporting life! A constant showcase depicts some of the most commonly purchased stuff that you can add to your cart in just one click! The login/register is an easy and flexible process too, with no time wastage in asking your birthdate or degree! Simple and easy, only what is important is asked (after all without some details getting your stuff shipped is not really possible!). which reminds me, the shipping details are too, displayed beforehand for convenience!

You can have a wish list for future references and even compare stuff for present satisfaction. The point is, if you have that knack of craziness in you, it’s a worth surfing site! Hover over the item you want and voila! You will get a quick description beneath the picture itself! The loading time is great (not talking about internet explorer though) even with all the images that fill up the page (who has time to read anyway, right?)! Really, what more could anyone want?


And not just for the boys, but girls too have a reason to visit this site! Of course, The Beetles and the Batman T-s make up the sassiest stuff to be worn by girls seeking comfortable wear! But the thing is, offers the option for gift vouchers which you can use to surprise boys whose team preferences are not really in your knowledge (or concerns)! So you can surprise them by letting him choose his team jersey himself (without having to burn any T-shirts at all)!


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Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

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