Swadesi – Exclusive Website For Indian Artisans And Craftsmen

We have the inspiring journey of Swadesi with us today, its a unique website which only sells Indian Traditional Handicrafts. It also aims to project the ancient traditional art and the heritage of our India. This website is a platform provided to the extremely talented artisans and craftsmen of our country to showcase their talent through their products, to the world.

Tell us something about the store owner-the brain behind the brand?

The idea was conceived by Mr. Suraj Jha, a commerce graduate from Kolkata. His idea behind doing such a kind of business is to help entrepreneurs grow and also keep the society benefited & aware about the heritage of India. He is inclined towards philanthropic work which helps society in different ways. He also owns an NGO as well named SAPNEYY FOUNDATION. The motive behind starting swaadesi.com was “Zero unemployment better society” which is linked with engaging people in making handicrafts and selling them on swaadesi.com

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

As the idea was unique and the products were special it needed a special platform as well which focuses only on the importance and uniqueness of the product and thus the idea came in our mind to have our own store.

What is so unique about your online store?

Uniqueness about this store is the idea of putting up the cultural and traditional heritage of a country in front of the world so that everyone comes to know about it. Every country has its own cultural and traditional heritage which can be witnessed in their style of living either it can be in wearable or the way they decorate their home. We are just trying to put up these heritage in our online store from where anyone and everyone can become a part of this. The uniqueness not only stops here but it is again extended on providing a platform to those poor artisans and craftsmen who have their talent as their ultimate source of earning their livelihood.

Swadesi product images

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

The main challenge which we faced and still facing is convincing the artisans and craftsmen to sell their product online. As they are not aware of these online most of they don’t even entertain us. But we need to make them understand how this online platform can help them and generate more income. We have now successfully added many vendors all over India and gradually the number is increasing of vendors.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

The idea of doing something different is not enough you need to bring out that idea from you and make it work. In this long journey have learned many things most them were from my mistakes and lack of confidence in the idea. My suggestion to fellow entrepreneurs would be If your are going to do something best it takes time. Be confident on your idea.

How was your experience with KartRocket?

Kartrocket has been like a boon to us in this project not only by providing a budget price for starting the website but they also provided us with a dedicated account manager who has helped us in every single step where we found any difficulties. We have already recommended many of our friends to use kartrocket for any sort of startup project. Once you are with KartRocket you will definitely get guaranteed satisfaction

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