Why and When To Switch eCommerce Platform?

Minting money is what e-commerce is all about. It’s more vital than ever to make sure that your platform is as sleek, appealing, customer-friendly and efficient as possible. But hold on! The world is not as perfect as you think or want. Here is a situation, when you are not satisfied with the performance of your eCommerce platform. What do you do now? You can’t just quit the platform you have (paid already) and signed up for! That would be crazy. But let me tell you it’s not so stupid.  As a matter of fact, It may be hard to switch eCommerce but do have the capability to turn the tables. Your sales will improve and so will be the customer experience. But you should know when the right time to switch your eCommerce platform is. Here are few alerts:

 1.      Too many ad-hoc features

Now about that hotchpotch your eCommerce store looks like to yourself, here is my question to you, “How are you holding up?” With so many people to answer to and then so many deals to deal with, it must be annoying. Even with the most open-source of softwares if your store is a mess, customizing it some more will definitely not solve all your problems. There are times when you just want some service very particularly but since you can’t find it in your current platform you do what you think is the best quick fix solution. As your eCommerce business matures and all your features get richer and more complex; you sometimes look at yourselves as the red buffer on Youtube videos and your IT teams (that’s accurate) as the gray one. The thing is your requirements are flying whereas providers are still walking. Which is why entrepreneurs employ specialized applications from vendors as diverse as Adobe, Google and SAP to fill such tech-gaps.

Why and When To Switch Your eCommerce Platform

Don’t worry, (which you earlier didn’t obviously, which is why you are now caught up in a web of small services and legions of people)because you will have to do away with all the short term fixesto get your site running and kicking comfortably. And that is contemplating to get another platform, since obviously this one isn’t fulfilling all that you require anyway.

2.      Inefficient and degrading quality

This is one of the most ignored points when you consider to switch eCommerce platform is seen as an available option for businessmen. Because, frankly how can you just be dissatisfied with what you have? You paid for it, so it was the best available option at that time, right? But no, it is sometimes the case that the company you are tied up with isn’t giving you the best outputs for your site. The search engine optimization is a mess. You are losing potential customers simply because your products do not feature on the top of the list that they shop-by. Or maybe you are spending too much time tackling difficult upgrades that hold no use whatsoever. And is the navigation speed working fine? Is the current search system up to the mark?

People don’t often consider these technical details but this must be done. You should always be aware of how well your chosen vendor is performing, because it affects you directly. And in case you don’t like what you find, don’t choose to dismiss it as a small hitch! Look at it and do what you must to get the green in your pockets!

3.      Not taking you seriously?

When the people you have hired, do not pay attention to your work, problems, upcoming feature requirements it’s time to get your headphones out and ponder. Do you really want to be dealing with a seller, who frankly, doesn’t care? This is another reference to a platform that cannot efficiently respond to the needs of your expanding business. It’s just that when you really require tech-support your staff should be supporting you. The site should not require outsourcing or moving the web servers offsite to the cloud! No. when your store requires some technology; “operational issues” should not be the reason why you don’t get it done!

Your staff should not be burdened with tech-issues (that your platform people should be doing) because your platform vendor is not helping you! Jeez, they should be focussing on the more strategic goals like revenue growth, customer acquisition and profitability. Don’t impose them with work that your hardly-working platform sellers are not doing!

4.      Getting way too awesome to handle?

Why and When To Switch Your eCommerce Platform

Oh yea people! This will hopefully happen one day! When your business is like sailing a cruise down the Pacific, all with a happy drink in your hand and joyous tune on your lips! That is when your business manages to expand to the point where you have partners, firms, app stores, kiosks exclusively for your eCommerce store! You have literally outgrown the eCommerce platform you started with and so you need space! Er, like literally more space on the internet and surely the current platform is below your scales now! So you need to transform and do more than just some mild changes. You need an entire makeover for your site. So get ready for that!

And frankly, I was just playing with the whole cruise idea! Even for a beginner in the case of the business you will find that sometimes you require tons more than what your started with. So, switch eCommerce platform if you want to win further people! If you grow it only makes sense to buy bigger clothes to fit into!

And frankly, I was just playing with the whole cruise idea! Even for a beginner in case of the business you will find that sometimes you require tons more than what your started with. So, switch platform if you want to win further people! If you grow it only makes sense to buy bigger clothes to fit into!



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Saahil Goel

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