Facebook Store Integration

How To Setup Facebook Store with Shiprocket 360

Did you know that India has 112 million Facebook users? This means that a massive market with a whopping 112 million users is waiting for you. Of course, they all are not your potential customers, but even the tiniest fraction of this number is huge. So, why not take advantage of that?

Well, you must be wondering that I know the potential of Facebook. I have already targeted that audience with my Facebook page and running regular Facebook ads. What else is left? Well, the answer is that there is still some potential left, which can make an impact of your online business.

How to Setup Your Facebook Store With Shiprocket 360?

Sell More with Your Facebook Store

Facebook Store is a unique offering by this popular social networking website, which takes a step ahead in social selling. You can easily set up an online store from your brand’s Facebook page to sell products.

This means, whether people will visit your Facebook page, they can click on the “Shop Online” tab and buy products. This link will be directed to your ecommerce website. Thereby, increasing your website’s visitors.

How to Setup Facebook Store With Shiprocket 360?

Setting up an independent Facebook store can be a daunting task. Also, listing your products separately on Facebook will take most of your time. However, KartRocket has made this easier by revamping its Facebook store feature. Now, it is easier and with a better UI.

Before you start with the Facebook store setup, make sure that your KartRocket store is live and on the secure link, otherwise your Facebook store won’t work.

To setup Facebook stores and sync it to your KartRocket store, follow these steps:

1) Create a Facebook Fan Page. Fill in the necessary details of your company or brand.
Facebook Store To Sell Products

2) Once the Facebook Fan page is created, copy this URL https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus on the different tab to enter Facebook app store. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account. Now, click on ‘Add Static HTML to a Page.

3) The following window will open. Select your Facebook page for which you need to create Facebook Store. Then, click on ‘Add Page’ tab.
Create Facebook Store

4) This will direct to your Facebook Fan Page. Here, you can see ‘APPS’ with a star icon on the left side of the screen.

Facebook Store Apps

5) Click on ‘Welcome’ and click on ‘Edit Tab Button.

Facebook Store Edit Tab

6) To get this code, login to your KartRocket store. Go to App section and then search for Facebook Store App. Click on Setting.

Facebook Store

8) On the Setting tab, you will see a code. Copy this code. Please make sure that you change your store domain to sub-domain name and also change the URL from ‘http‘ to ‘https.’

Facebook Store Code

9) Copy this code and paste it to the Facebook store, as told in Step 5. This will fetch your products from the panel and display them on your Facebook Store.

Facebook Store html

Congrats! Your Facebook Store is ready.

Basic Facebook Store Settings (Front End)

You can change the Welcome Name and its image of your Facebook Store. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Facebook page and click on Settings.
Facebook Store Settings

2) Now, click on Apps and then on ‘Edit Settings.’ Type CTA which will appear on your Facebook fan page like ‘Shop Now.”

Facebook Store cta

3) Upload the image. Make sure that the image size and dimension is according to the size given in the link.

Facebook Store Image Upload

Your basic Facebook settings are done.

Basic Facebook Store Settings (Back End)

If you want to make your Facebook Store more attractive for your visitors and potential customers, then you can personalize it by adding your store banners, choose product categories to sell and much more. Let’s know more about Back End settings, which can be set from KartRocket admin panel.

To access these settings, log in to your KartRocket admin panel. Go to Apps and then click on Facebook Store. After this, click on Setting.

1) Banner
This banner will be shown on your Facebook store header. You can show your products, discounts, and offers, etc. First, click on On, if you want to show the banner. Then, click on Browse and upload the banner. Click on Save. Make sure that the recommended banner size is 832 x 240.

Facebook Store Banner

2) Category Links
You can choose the product category, which you want to sell on your Facebook Store. To do this, click on On and then select the product categories. Click on Save.

Facebook Store Category Links

3) Latest Products
Show the latest product range on your Facebook Store using this feature. Give a title to this tab like ‘Latest Products.’ Then, choose the number of products which you want to show and then click on ‘On’ to activate this feature. Please note that to use this feature, your store should have ‘Latest Products’ app activate on your KartRocket store.

4) Featured Product
Showcase some of the top selling products of your online store using Featured Products feature. To activate this, go to Featured Product, type a suitable headline. Now, choose the product limit, turn it On and add the product which you want to showcase. Once you start typing, the product will get auto-filled. Save the changes.

Facebook Store Featured Products

5) Related Product
If your KartRocket store has ‘Related Product’ app activated, then you can use this app in your Facebook Store as well. All you need is to limit the number of products to be shown and turn it ‘On.’ Click on Save.

Facebook Store Related Products

The Output

Here’s how your Facebook Store will look like.

Facebook Store Output

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

kartrocket signup

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Simplified Bulk Product Upload Feature

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negative product reviews

How To Play Smart With Negative Product Reviews In Just 8 Steps?

Negative Product Reviews are the best way to see your online store die ruthlessly. There are various studies which have come to a conclusion that 64% of customer sees the product review before going ahead and buying your product. Ecommerce industry is consumer driven. It’s your customer who can make or break your brand. Therefore, you just cannot ignore them and their experience of shopping from your online store.

While positive product reviews help to build credibility of your brand and products, negative reviews can take away that charm of your business success instantly. Whether it’s on your website, blog, social media or any third party website, negative reviews are never welcomed. There are still many customers who are not sure of shopping online. Negative comments enhance their fear and you lose a potential customer and this saga continues. Unlike positive reviews which are always welcome, negative reviews create a sense of insecurity in every entrepreneur and the danger of failure and losing customers has been always there.

Since, you cannot avoid negative product reviews, it is important to tackle them very smartly so that your brand reputation is not harassed. In just 8 steps, you can easily turn negative reviews into a positive one. Find out how!

How to Deal with Negative Product Reviews?

1) Avoid Any Negative Product Reviews Coming Your Way

Before getting to know how to tackle negative reviews, it is important to avoid any negative review coming your way beforehand. There are three key areas which forces your customer to write a negative product review:

• Product Experience Is Bad
• Delayed Or Damaged Shipping
• Customer Service Is Not Up to Expectation

Make sure that you work on these components to offer a great online shopping experience to your customers. Don’t lie when it comes to product quality and show the final amount to be paid before checkout. Take extra care when it comes to ecommerce shipping. And be ready to solve your customer queries, or at least send them an email acknowledging that you have received the query along with resolution time.

2) Got Negative Feedback? Take A Chill Pill

One of the biggest mistakes made by many ecommerce site owners is losing their cool and replying to their customer without even trying to understand the problem. It is understandable that negative reviews, especially the fake ones, can make you go crazy (in a negative way, of course!). However, you cannot burst your anger directly on your customer and start arguing. Believe me, nobody will get harm except you and your brand. No matter what kind of language or smiley your customer use, make sure you are polite and try to resolve the issue, rather than fighting over it.

3) Decide If It’s Worth Responding

There are some reviews which are put just to defame your company or product. Or, it might be a cheap strategy played by your competitor or just a way to attract comments on their post. Before you start commenting, make sure that the product review is worth responding. If there is a customer who has been giving negative feedback just like that, there is no need to respond to such reviews. Other than this, if there are reviews with bad English and does not make any sense, don’t waste your valuable time on them.

4) Get To Know The Root Cause Of The Problem

Before you respond, consult with your team and get to know the root cause of the problem. Check the customer’s last order or experience and try to figure out the problem yourself, before asking your customer about it. If you are able to resolve the query without asking any further details, it will surely impress your customer. In case, you are unable to know about the customer or his/her problem, then don’t hesitate to ask. It’s better to be clear before reaching any conclusion.

5) Show Empathy And Clarify Doubts

Always be POLITE while dealing with any review, be it positive or negative. In case, the customer has experienced any discomfort, apologize and assure them that you will take necessary action to tackle this problem as soon as possible. Clarify any doubts of your customer. Give URL’s or copy, if needed. This will make you look Good, in front of other customers.

6) Turn Review Around By Highlighting Your Strengths

If you don’t want other visitors to judge you based on the negative reviews, which your brand got, make sure that you highlight your strength. However, you need to be quite smart while highlighting them. For example, if a customer has faced any issue while shopping from your site, you can write about your 24/7 support or minimum resolution time to solve customer’s queries. This way, your potential customer will know that at least you are always accountable to tackle their problems.

7) Take Reviews As A Hint

Even after achieving success, every ecommerce business has a scope of improvement. If you are getting too many negative reviews, it’s time to take action. If it’s a third party product, then it is advisable to discontinue that product from your online store. In case, the culprit is your customer service or shipping, then take a tough look at each of it. Search for the loophole and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Get somebody who strictly takes the account of all the customer grievances and resolve them quickly. For shipping, take a look at your packaging and go for better quality materials.

8) Encourage Positive Reviews

There are various customers who check all the reviews and evaluate the number of positive and negative reviews received. This helps them decide whether to go ahead and buy the product or not. Even if you have got no negative review, it is always helpful to encourage positive reviews on your site. And this does not mean fake positive reviews, because if somebody came to know about it, it will be worse for your brand image. Talk to your customers and ask them for a feedback or write a review on social media or third party website. You can even moderate them, before posting them on your site or social media.

A Reality Check: No matter how well you handle their review and resolve the problem from your end, there are still some customers who will never want the matter to get resolved. In such situation, you have no choice other than moving on! Follow these steps and get smart with your negative product reviews.

Was any of this helpful? Got any other way to come out of such awkward situation? Would love to read them! Leave your comments.

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