How to take your Facebook video campaign to the next level?


As we all are aware of Facebook and its reach, one can use it as an effective communicating medium for attracting customers across the globe. There is no hidden truth that effective video ad campaigns on the social networking site will not only promote your brand but also give you an edge over other competitors. Let’s take a look at necessary guidelines that will help you take your Facebook video campaign to the next level.


Targeting approach

If you use Facebook to its optimum potential, chances are that your business may grow twice the current growth rate. When promoting your business on Facebook, one must use various targeting methods that will help to attract a large number of audiences. This social networking site provides advanced targeting features that allow a business firm to aim for a bigger advertising campaign which may not be possible to achieve with basic features of Facebook. This approach enables a campaigner to show their ad to the customers who are already aware of their brand because of previous video ads.


Implement custom audience feature

What you will love about Facebook is its custom audience feature which lets you target specific audiences of your choice. Also, Facebook uses your hashed data and matches people from your hashed customer list to the potential customers on their site. The steps involved to set up custom audience ad is as follows:

  • Go to Facebook ad manager and select “audiences” from the list.
  • As soon as you will select audience, a window pops up displaying “create audience” option, click on it and then select custom audience from the list.
  • Next step is to select “engagement” option and choose a video from the category. Now upload your desired ad and attract your specific audience.


Necessary precautions in using custom audience feature

It is necessary to understand that if someone watches more of your videos, better are the chances that they can turn out to be your potential customers. But sometimes a person may have watched your whole video but didn’t take any action. The reason behind their disengagement may be because either they have not understood your video or you have asked for too much as a call to action at the end of the video. It is important to highlight the benefits in video through effective presentation. To keep people engaged with your brand, you need to review the content of your video before uploading it. Doing so will help you to retarget your custom audience in future and create customer loyalty.

Select 75% targeting option

Further, in the custom audience section, you can select “people who viewed 75% of your video” option. All you need to do is set time frame, provide audience name and add the description. After doing so, the last step is to click on create the audience. Using this technique will help to target the people who have watched the 75% of a particular video of yours. Also, there is an option of “lookalike audience” which is based on the people who have watched 75% of your video. By selecting “lookalike audience”, Facebook analysis and notifies you about the common factors that enable you to create “lookalike audience”.


Try unique strategies

One must always aim to improve one’s marketing model by focusing on the methods of implementation and their results. It is possible that you have targeted your audience accurately but due to poor video ads, positive response is unlikely. In such circumstances, it is important to try split tests with your video ads. It is difficult to predict what your target customers prefer – short video or a long one. One study has claimed that 80% of the customers choose shorter video over long videos. Split testing will help you analyze whether the short video with higher views will yield more leads and conversions or the longer one with comparatively lesser views. Trying unique strategies will enable you to figure out what works best for your target audience.

Creating multiple styles

For some, educational video ads work best whereas some prefer entertainment in video ads. So to cater to everyone’s taste, it’s necessary to create multiple styles of video ads. Using a “hook” in your educational video will attract people as they will feel it is relevant to their needs. Facebook also recommends you to add captions to your videos as it can increase the view time by 14%. You must also consider the cost while creating multiple styles of video ads because if you are targeting a smaller group then there are chances the general cost of the ads may increase. Creating multiple styles will help you to understand what’s best and worst for the customers within 4-5 days.

Steps to generate better results

  1. If you find that your ad is not generating better leads, then the first step you must follow is to review the headline. By reviewing your headline, you will understand whether your landing page headline matches with your actual video or not.
  2. The next step to ensure better results is to check whether the landing page is too distracting that it pushes away the customers and if it is the case then fix it as soon as possible. Distractive landing page easily leads to decline in leads and thus affecting the results. One must also provide social proof on their landing page so as to reaffirm customers about the values used in video ads.

One good example for social proof can be testimonials as it has persuasive powers that can pull the customer towards the brand. You can boost your sales by 33% by managing your video ads campaign on Facebook effectively.


Promoting and successfully running video ad campaigns is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, planning, precautions and time to attract customers to your brand. Following these guidelines will enable you to grow your business and achieve new heights gradually. Make use of Facebook’s video ads and take your campaign to the next level.

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