The technicals of the Google Hummingbird & its analysis

When it comes to employing Search Engine Optimisation algorithms to ongoing content on the web, it comes out as an overall complicated picture. By now, every Search Engine Optimisation expert is aware of Google’s ranking factors, which far more than two hundred in number. Nothing is ever going to come out from Google’s vaults, in terms of information that describes how this ranking is done but that’s what the task of Search Engine Optimisation people is.

For figuring out what puts a website in what rank when someone searches for a particular keyword, a huge amount of data is harvested and used to extract viable information from it. In particular, Hummingbird is of deep interest to many Search Engine Optimisation experts as it is the biggest change in the search algorithms in the recent times. We may even go on to say that every single search that is being conducted, even as you read this, is performed under a holistic control of Hummingbird.

The functioning of Hummingbird

When it came to deciphering the pattern on which this search algorithm ranked web pages, it can be concluded that web pages that offer a comprehensive content on a narrow range of topics rank higher on the search results. This leads to a direct attribution to the fact that better content on a website implies better search result rankings. The specific content listed on a website that happens to directly appeal to the search engine ranking factors and this is what is most important to Hummingbird.

For this reason, most Search Engine Optimisation experts are creating content that suits a hummingbird based and optimized website. This website will definitely outrank its counterparts and increase the visibility and reach of the website to the exact target audience who will search for the relevant query in the search box.

This analysis gives a very important conclusion to most website developers. Even if they do not have a backlink website ready for themselves, they can still create content that is hummingbird friendly and expects to beat even the big players in the game. Hummingbird operates in the most technical yet simple manner imaginable. As long as the search algorithm is able to pick up related content from a website, or even thinly related content from the website, it will reflect a positive feedback for that website.

Even today, most Search Engine Optimisation experts are simply relying on the use of certain keywords and long tail keywords in their articles and creating a decent length of them, for achieving the desired result. However, this thing just doesn’t work. If one Search Engine Optimisation expert really wants to get to the depth of the goal at hand, his content should be solid, lengthy, holistic and deep. The inclusion of images and discussions also helps. This would help in improving the overall performance of the website and rank it high on the search engine results.

Target action

For ranking your website higher on the web search results, an inclusion of specific keywords and their use, on a frequent basis, is compulsory in the articles that follow on your website. Google Hummingbird uses advanced technology and algorithms to make out what is relevant to search results and what is not. It is the job of a Search Engine Optimisation expert to analyze the exact usage of keywords in any given article to achieve the desired goal. The coverage of the website around the stated keywords and how exactly Google Hummingbird picks them up, from among all those gaps, is what will decide how a website ranks in the search results.

How can you analyze your website for Hummingbird standards?

Using tools like, you can get access to some very advanced and comprehensive set of tools that can prove to be very beneficial for your website’s analysis. This website lists out page titles, a number of focus topics, mentions and word count for a user to analyze. The content score plays a very important role in deciding the success of a website, in terms of Google Hummingbird algorithms. Based on the score that you achieve from this website, you can start working on optimizing each of your web pages, to perform better, contributing in a wholesome manner for the development of your website.

Analyzing related mentions is another way of ensuring that you put the most relevant content on your website. Articles on a website can be re-written to use related topics from the website. In this simple process, re-written articles will start performing better and as a result, you will start getting higher search results for your website.

How to improve your ranking practically?

Your website should have an elaborate and comprehensive content if you are aiming for higher rankings as per Google Hummingbird search algorithms. Go step by step and start by searching and refining the website’s topics. Your content should ideally have a long form. Depth is an essential element for all your content and articles. Be specific and add direction to your content with every conclusion and summary. Your content should be appealing to the readers. Content should be focused, if not on every niche, at least in your specific niche. Keep adding content to your website to keep it fresh. Don’t be just content with a few blog posts.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about gelling together, a few keywords and then expecting to improve your search rankings. Google Hummingbird needs a depth to your content to make your website appear at the top of search results, so basically, if you are short of backlinks or top rated content, it is still possible for you to exploit your niche.

Final Say

Most of the top rated contents all across the web, have few things in common. They have a depth to them, they are holistic and appealing, with apt use of keywords that match the criteria of being listed on Hummingbird. Create content on the matching lines to meet Hummingbird requirements.

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