Time Management For Entrepreneurs: Automating Store Administration

time management for entrepreneurs

“Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart” You might have heard this quote many times. But have you ever wondered how you can implement this quote in your real eCommerce entrepreneur life? What are amazing time management tips for entrepreneurs, especially those who run their online store? This blog gives you the perfect answer.

Running an eCommerce store certainly makes you a boss, but with the benefits comes responsibilities as well. You always think on how to make profits by optimizing your business, but have you given thought on saving time? Yes, you read it right! Saving time significantly cuts down on your expenses. But, how you can do that?

Well, the answer is by automating various tasks which you do while running your online store. This is a kickass tip for time management for entrepreneurs. By automating eCommerce business processes, you save time and money, which you can divert towards improving your core competencies for scaling your business to new heights. Here are the some common tasks, which you can perform easily.


Use the automated accounting software such as QuickBooks Online to execute and maintain bookkeeping services- invoice and payment- without manual intervention. Doing so, would keep your accounting records up-to-date, always. When you have financial records up-to-date, audits would be easy to handle, and so would the filing of taxes. A good accounting system, would therefore save you time and the stress of last minute winding up as the financial year ends.

Inventory Management

Using inventory management applications will automate your inventory management process and eliminate duplicate or erroneous records of your inventory. Today, cloud-based POS systems are rapidly gaining popularity. Switching to automated inventory management cuts down on costs and saves on time, which eventually can be utilized in diversifying your business into other product categories.


Instead of traditional logistic services, go for automated shipping solution like ShipRocket. With this software, you can process orders for shipping, create shipping documents in just a click, import orders and choose among the best courier companies to ship your products. Automating shipping allows you to save time in processing your orders faster, and sending the merchandise well before time/on-time. And, there is nothing better for your business, when you have happy customers who are repeat buyers and advertise for you.


Your automation does not end here. You need to maintain a record of your customers for contacting them in the future on new product launches or promotions. Kreato is a highly advanced paper-less, customer management tools that automatically store the sales data. It is a complete CRM, specially for small business which helps you manage contacts, schedule tasks, measure marketing channel ROI, convert leads, gain real-time reports, manage customer support and more.

Email Marketing

When you are opting for digital marketing tactics, why not opt it with ease. Everybody knows about email marketing, but have you heard that you can save a lot of time sending mass emails with the help of automated email sending software like MailChimp. All you need is to import mailer list, create emails easily and send it to thousands in a fraction of minute. You can segment your data and get detailed reports about your every email marketing campaign.

Social Media Management

Managing your business, online store as well as social channels can be a daunting task. While we have given some great points to save time for store management, here is one tip for social media management as well. Make an account on Hootsuite. It is an amazing social media management tool, which help you manage your various social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. and post easily.

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