Tips To Make The Best Facebook Marketing Videos!


Facebook marketing videos are one of the strongest and most viable media to market your product or service to customers in the present day. The number of users that visit Facebook on a daily basis and scroll across their news feed is so vast that the potential gains which can be reaped from such video marketing are insurmountable. If you are looking forward to market your business through Facebook videos, you should take note of the following tips for best and most successful outcomes from this activity.

Why go for video form of advertisement?

Unlike textual form of content, which requires a higher degree of user engagement, a video offers a more automatic form of content, which the user is highly willing to devote his time on. Even statistics show that the field of video advertisement is so underutilized that once fully developed, there will be no stopping its reach. Video advertisement is highly visible and broader in terms of getting user engagement.


How to make the best Facebook Marketing videos?

  1. Engage your viewers immediately: These days, all social media platforms offer the feature where videos play instantly as soon as the user scrolls over them. At most, a viewer will allow a time of three to five seconds to make up his mind whether he wishes to continue watching it or not. So, basically, that’s all the time you got to create an impression on your users. So, starting from the very first few frames, your video should begin emphasizing on the essence of your objective of making it.
  1. Compel your audience to go for it: In your call to action, offer an insight or compelling solution to your users’ problems so that they would be willing to go for your video. If your video does not target any customer or user, how will it gain any viewership!
  1. Add captions and highlights to the videos: As videos are mostly auto-played, your users will be more interested in watching your video if they can read the words being spoken as muting off isn’t an option most of the times.
  1. Connect with your audience: As soon as your audience realizes that your content is very much related to them or associates with them on some or the other level, they will feel more interested in watching it further, with enthusiasm. For this, you can go forward with showing stories and experiences, something that is inherent to the lives of people.
  1. Headlines arouse curiosity: Eye movement while watching the video, diverts the mind of the user from the possibility of watching something else. Use catchy headlines to support your videos and gain more viewership.
  1. Focus on description: Though short and precise is always better when it comes to a description, remember that it is the reason why your target user might want to watch your video. Keep it concise but focus on making it lucrative.

The lowdown

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