6 Handy Tips to Boost Product Sales

tips to boost sales

Sales profession today moves faster than ever before. It does not take more than a blink of an eye for new competition to emerge in the market. Several similar products are released every day, and before you acknowledge it, it is already a race to the bottom. What worked well a decade ago, is just not good enough now.

Often a discussion on boosting product sales ends with a unanimous solution – cut down the profit margins and accelerate the sales. True, discounts tend to be a great tool, but they can also be expensive for the business owner. Moreover, if your customers begin waiting for the discounts, it can prove to be counter-productive for the business. Fortunately, there are several other organic tools that can boost the product sales today. Here are 6 of them.

Clearly Define Your Customer

One of the most important processes of sales boost is finding new people to buy your product. There may be times, when you have a great product, but it is just not gaining the right customer base. To ensure that your product reaches its target consumer, you must clearly define your consumer. Create an outline of the people who are most likely to buy your product.

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Ask Customer Specific Questions

  • What is the age group for my target consumer base?
  • Who will be more interested in my products – men or women?
  • What is the purchasing power of my consumers?
  • Are they literate?
  • Do they have children?

Once you know your consumer well, creating products to lure them will never be hard!

Sell benefits not products

Remember, people never buy products. They rather buy the results or outcome or more precisely the benefit that the particular product will bring. So, list out all the benefits that consumers seek and then try to satiate these needs by targeting the desired benefits.

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Benefits can be in the form of:

  • Cashbacks
  • Reward Points
  • Free Goodies

Use content and Social Media Marketing wisely

Today the scope of social media is huge. Social media today offers several ways to reach the target consumers. The best part is that most of these methods are free! Different social media tools such as Twitter, Blogs and Facebook can be used to the best of your advantage. Build relationships with your customers using these channels and try and reach more and more people as possible.

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Social Media Offers:

  • Different platforms to sell your products
  • Wider access to qualified leads
  • Better means to lure customers

Cold call your customers but don’t cross the line

It is true that cold calling your potential customers is often hard. Be it in person or on phone, it is necessary to warm up your potential customers. This is particularly necessary if your product is new.

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How can you cold call your customer?

  • Call them and share several offers in name of exclusivity
  • Share discount coupons or rewards by way of e-mails
  • Send newsletters relating to products
  • Post exciting offers or information relating to products on all social media platforms

Encourage existing customers to write reviews

Every time a new customer visits your web portal or plans to buy a product from your portal, the first thing that they do is check the reviews on the product or the reviews received by the seller. If there are too many negative reviews, chances are it will drive away all new or potential customers, however, if there are several positive reviews, several new customers will definitely join you on board.

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Positive reviews: If the reviews are positive, always thank or appreciate the customer.
Negative reviews: Don’t delete negative reviews rather take steps to resolve the issue that the customer faced with the product. This will help you gain the trust of the new customers.

Don’t let your Dormant Customers slip away

There is always a particular section of customers who tend to go dormant with time. It is important to reactivate such customers before time so that they are not driven towards competitors.

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  • Give them rewards or come back
  • Send them newsletters to make them aware of the new deals
  • Send a limited period discount coupon so that the customer shops with you.

Final Say

These are just a few of the many tools that can be used to boost product sales. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. So, share with us the tools that worked for you so that more tools can be added to the list.

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