Excellent Tips To Write Email Subject Lines That Gets Good Open Rates

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Do you always have this question in mind that how to promote the store and keep our business financially strong in the upcoming year? To accomplish this mission, you must have jotted down various marketing tactics in order to keep your customers coming to your store. Email marketing is one of them. Whether you want to stay in touch with your existing clients or want a more potential customer to pour into your online store, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways. Not to forget, your email subject lines play a vital role.

For a successful email marketing, you need to take care of all the aspects of sending an email. Open rates determine the success of your email marketing strategy. Ideally, 10% is a good open rate for your mailers. To calculate email open rates, the following formula is used.

Email Open Rate = Emails Opened/Email Sent- Bounce Rate
According to experts, 64% of people admit that great email subject line plays the driving force behind opening an email. Writing subject lines might seem to be an easy task. But, believe me, it’s not! Rather, it is the most time-consuming part of writing a mail. So, how to make sure that you write the subject line that gets maximum open rates? Here are some of the easy tips to do that easily.

Personalization Works Best

Personalized email subject lines grab more attention that a normally boring subject line. Even the stats shows that personalized subject lines have 22% more open rate than normal subject lines. You can start with your recipient’s name. Make the most of “you,” “we”, “us.” You can also make your mailers city specific. For example, “Neha, is your wardrobe ready for Delhi’s chilly winter?”

Keep It Short And Crisp

Try to speak more in shorter sentences. Short and crispy subject lines always get better open rates. You can try it yourself. Go to your inbox and read out the email subject lines. There are huge chances that you will go for shorter subject lines that are easier to read. Ideally, it is better to keep your subject lines to 40-50 characters. The subject line is just a heading. You don’t need to tell everything there.


Keep Your Email Subject Lines Readable

Formatting plays a vital role in any kind of content, right from email content to the subject line. Firstly, avoid caps letter. Capital letters often make it difficult for the readers to read and understand what you are trying to say. For example:



20% off on All Summer Wear

Which one of these do you find easy to read. The majority of you will say the second one. Yes, you can always try keeping the first letter in capital.

Entice Readers With Compelling Words

You can always do A/B testing of your email subject lines and check which works better. You can try the following tactics:

Breaking a News or New Development: For example, “KartRocket introduces Studio Plan!”

Create Urgency: For example, “Get iPhone 5s in just Rs. 25000. Only 15 units left”

Generate Curiosity: For example, “Are you paying too much electricity bill”

Give the Best benefit: For example, “Save up to 40% on electronics.”


Never Misguide Your Readers

Always make sure that you keep your email subject line relevant to what the mailer is all about. Fooling or tricking your reader never works. Instead, it hampers your company’s image and people might mark you as SPAM. If you are talking about the big offer, then you cannot include 5% off on merchandise. You got to offer something big discount or offer to your reader. Otherwise, your reader will feel cheated.

Create a sense of urgency

A users buying is always based on the intent, if you are able to generate that interest & curiosity in you subject line then there’s a fair chance that your email gets open. It is always seen that email which create a sense of urgency perform better in comparison to the email with lateral intention.

Below are some of the type of emails create urgency:

  • A discount or special offer
  • A free live event like a webinar or hangout
  • Offering a training program or product for a limited time only
  • Having a limited number of spots or items available for sale
  • News/Tips related to a current event/situation

Writing email subject lines always ask for more time. And, it is worth to give proper time to it and avoid any fatal email marketing mistakes. Those 4-5 words can make or break your email open rates. However, you should never hesitate to experiment. You never know which works might trigger your reader to open the mailer and read.

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