The top 15 facebook applications for growing business!


Handling a Facebook page is harder than it sounds. One has to juggle between making daily announcements, marketing their new products, connect with potential clients who show interest in your business, connect with existing clients, keep a track of upcoming festivals, pre-plan offers according to the upcoming festive season and most importantly monitoring client feedback. Needless to say, all these help in the growth of the business.


And to our rescue, there are various Facebook apps that help take care of all these:

  • Hootsuite: As many of us may already be aware, Hootsuite is an amazing scheduling tool that helps you create a calendar of events, contests that you may want to launch to your customers and takes care of automated messages. Additionally, it can use a social media monitoring app that helps you connect and see what your clients and people are talking about your brand. It even gives key demographic of your audience which helps you target them more in an efficient manner in future.
  • Agorapulse: This wonder app is your one-stop solution to all your duties that a business page may have. Starting from scheduling Facebook posts to creating quizzes and contests, monitoring shares and mentions. On top of that it you can use it for your Customer Relationship Management as well.
  • Heyo : An extremely user-friendly app helps you to create the contest, promotional announcements, helps your redirect traffic, leads and sales simply by dragging and dropping also customizing content. The best thing about this app is it works wonders in mobile devices which mean you can reach your clients across multiple devices.
  • Woobox: it is an app that helps in creating contests, sweepstakes, polls quizzes and more. In addition to that, it also has the facility to integrate tabs for social channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and finally allows you to project your content to Facebook.
  • Pagemodo: Pagemodo is a super cool app which helps you customize your Facebook page in order to make it more attractive. Creating new cover photos, welcome page, generating new contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways, customizing Facebook tabs by helping make own HTML tabs-this app is definitely a must for all those who want to explore their creative talents and showcase them on their Facebook page.
  • Shortstack: Along with usual features like creating calendars, contests, polls and sweepstakes. Shorstack can also be useful for people who looking to create landing pages and signup forms. It also helps you highlight products, has a gallery building feature and help you promote your page across multiple social media channels.
  • Mailchimp: This app combines with Facebook and helps you place contact capture forms onto your page. And gradually as the email lists grow it then helps you launch an inbound marketing campaign specially fit for your fans.
  • Ecwid: Ecwid is a global community spread over 175 countries using 40 different methods of payment options. This app helps you open up a Facebook store and also gives you the facility to sell your goods simultaneously on other websites.
  • Boast: It is an app that helps in the collection, management, and display customer video testimonials from your clients. And then combine with Facebook it then helps you to display these collected testimonials on your page.
  • LiveChat: LiveChat comes in handy as it helps with visitor information, automated greetings, after hours forums, chat windows. And because it combines with Facebook it allows you to chat with your fans and clients via messenger.
  • Livestream: Livestream helps your post video content onto your Facebook page. Now think how useful it will be for some businesses who want to show a live workshop and demonstrate and showcase their products to their clients and potential customers.
  • Static HTML-Thunderpenny: This app helps you to create the type of content one wants inside a particular tab. It is a simple HTML editor which also helps create contact forms, coupons, and inserts Google Map location and PayPal option.
  • Networked Blogs: Adding a blog to your chances of being discovered easily, as it helps content being automatically published on Facebook and Twitter, which in turn helps in connecting with the relevant influencers associated with your industry.
  • Simply measured: This app helps you discover information from your Facebook fan page and even determine what and how the fans are liking, commenting and sharing.
  • Sprout social: Sprout Social helps you publish across a variety of social media networks as well as help monitoring fans. You can use Facebook profile information to see how successful your campaigns are going and pre-plan the best suitable time to publish the next one.

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