Top Myths About SEO – SEO Tactics De-Mystified Part -1

Unethical SEO or SEO Scam

Most agency out there today out there are just looking to make quick money and are no bothered about actual need of the client or looking to help them. They charge the little amount of money which seems nominal to the client. But what the clients they are paying money for nothing really. It’s appalling to see or hear people putting their hard earned money into something which is never going to give them any returns. KartRocket advice pick agency or SEO packages basis the services they would deliver and the impact it would have on your business not on the price only.

Ethical SEO would always give the result when SEO is done in the right manner it would start showing results in the first few months itself.  Investment in SEO is a must and it has to be done in the right manner with the right earnest.

Google Will Do The Work For Us

Some of the merchants think that all they need is to launch a website and then Google would do the rest.  The concept of creating as many URL as possible and then feeding it to Google Search Console would get you traffic and ranking is not going to happen.  The actual reality is that Google & other search engines are looking to give the best experience to the users while searching for results. They are looking for pages with unique content and which would value to the user if they land on the page. The concept is simple to create pages which would add value to your site and would be also beneficial for the visitors of the website.

SEO is a One Time Thing

We hear so many people say that we had SEO done for a month and that was the end of that. They think this one-time activity would reap benefits for a long time. It actually quite the reverse, SEO is an on-going activity which needs to be done regularly in order to sustain rankings and traffic. Also, it’s is required to keep doing SEO to tackle things like:

Google Updates

New Competitors

Link Rot

Note: There might be cases where website owner might be getting more business than they can handle thus in such cases one Time SEO can be sufficient but for all other situations it is advisable to have an on-going SEO work for the website.

The Age of Link Building Is Over

We agree that old age strategy of doing excesses amount of link building is over but that does not mean that link building is dead! We believe that it has evolved and thus lead to the decline of manipulative & nonrelevant links.  They way that link building works now is it has been very specific, quality based & with a scaled down approach. In fact, the modern link building yields result much faster. Natural links and content which help attract such links is the way forward.

We should rank for a generic keyword

Now we all like the idea of our website showing up on top rank for the generic keyword like “shopping” in the case of an eCommerce website. They think this would get them all the traffic they want which would get them the orders they need to keep the business afloat.  First of all, it is very difficult to rank in such generic terms and secondly even if we do rank; due to the lack of intent would lead no transactions. Thus it’s total loss situation. The right way to go about this by selecting a wide variety of long tail intent based keyword which would generate equal or more amount traffic which would help drive transaction on your eCommerce website.

Meta Tags Are Thing Of The Past

First, let us introduce you to what exactly Meta tags are:

Meta tags are used by webmasters to provide search engines information about their sites.

These tags are used to tell the search engines what a page is about, also gives the user an idea what kind of information to expect when they land on the page. People who write about the Meta tags have little or no impact on the search rankings are clearly mistaken.

The Meta tag is divided into 3 parts:




Leading SEO experts have validated and voiced that title tags play a pivotal role in getting the rankings for the website. The description tag plays a role in improving the CTR for the results that are displayed on your website. The impact of the keyword tag is less now nullified.

My website has enough content. Why should I push more content then?

We don’t even know where to start on this. Not creating fresh content on your website is such a big sin that it would hurt the organic results so badly that it would be tough to recover from it. Every ethical SEO expert knows the importance of pushing content on the website. Relevant and fresh content on the website is one of the best ways to garner more traffic for your website. Once you start populating your website with good quality content, you would see an increase in the traffic for the site. Supported with a little bit of off page activities for the content. The impact would be multiplied.

Branding has nothing to do with SEO

Branding or brand name keyword optimization is one of the most important elements of SEO optimization. Having brand visibility across the web has multiple level impact. First, builds brand recall which also impacts the direct traffic for the website. Brand name anchor links help improve the domain authority and also which in turn helps improve the rankings for the website across the web.

KartRocket, provides complete SEO packages for both On & Off page activities. We ensure that we follow all the best practices for Search engine optimization. We ensure that we give preference to quality vs quantity for all our customers.


Puneet Bhalla

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