Top New Year Resolutions For Entrepreneurs: Ecommerce Style!!!

New Year Resolution

So, the countdown for the New Year has already begun. While some of you might be soaked in New Year bash and ready to welcome 2015 with a new set of resolution, many ecommerce entrepreneurs’ New Year is pretty much planning their business and checking the newest hacks of email marketing, content marketing, product branding, etc. But, other than these technical stuff, what else you need to do in 2015, check out here.

Here, we are not spreading any “ECOMMERCE GYAN” on how to run your online store. Well, our other blogs do that already. 😛 Rather, we want to tell you what others might not tell you. We have tried to come with those New Year resolutions that every ecommerce entrepreneur should take this 2015 that lead to a successful ecommerce business along with Peace of Mind. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

New Year Resolution 1

I have come across many entrepreneurs who sleep, eat and live on their business. Every time, they have this 24/7 nightmare of How to increase sales, how to grow their sales, I forgot to list down the database, I need to change my marketing strategy, blah…blah! Dude, You need to take a chill pill. Indulge in some pampering, soothing activities, relax and let all the negative energy go away.

new year resolutions 2

So, 2015 is a year when you want to start your ecommerce business? Great! But, if you are a newbie in the business, then make sure that you start small. However, you should never stop thinking big. Since, it’s your first step to the world of ecommerce, it is better that you understand how things work. Unless and until you are thorough with the art of selling, climb the stairs step by step.

New Year Resolution 3

For ecommerce, 2015 is a year of mobile commerce. The future of your ecommerce store lies in the palm of your potential customers. There are chances where you can generate maximum revenue through smartphones. Make sure that you are ready for this. Get your website mobile ready. Also, you can release mobile application of your online store so that your potential buyer can find your products easily.

New Year Resolution 4

New Year is always a time to start fresh, begin new with your business as well. Analyze what you missed last year and set new goals and milestones for your business and pledge to achieve them this year. But, make sure that you set REALISTIC goals for your business. If you are an ecommerce infant, you cannot think of competing with the revenue of Flipkart or Amazon. But, ya you can plan accordingly to overcome them as quickly as possible.

New Year Resolution 5

Who does not want to expand their business, but there is always a wrong time to do the right thing. Make sure that you don’t choose that wrong time. If you are thinking of expanding your business in 2015, then get your facts right, check if there is any loophole in the existing business model. If yes, then resolve them and go ahead.

New Year Resolution 6

Whether you wanted to do something different or wanted to make big money, always remember why you became an entrepreneur. That is your ultimate goal and you should always keep in mind while pre-planning for your business. Keep a close eye on your primary goal of starting a business and plan accordingly!

New Year Resolution 7

2015 is the time to count your money and blessing, which you earned in 2014. Whether it’s a small amount or big, money does matter, honey! Make sure you keep a tab on the money and investments that you have poured on your business. Start counting the profits you made. But do remember to pay tax otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy your success for long.

New Year Resolution 8

Behind every successful businessman, there is a wife rolling her eyes. Is this a similar story? Some entrepreneurs take their business so seriously that sometimes they forget that they have a family. There are many spouses waiting and thinking that whether they married to a person or a machine who is only available on messages or answering machine. Don’t let this happen in 2015. Take a pledge that you will spend more time with your family and create a balance between personal and professional life.

New Year Resolution 9

It is said that anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. If you want to stay young forever, then never stop learning. Ecommerce is a developing industry and the more you learn, the more successful you become. Ensure that you learn more in 205 and find out new ways for traditional stuff.

New Year Resolution 10

The one thing which can take your business to a next level is ideas and innovation. Other than learning about ecommerce, make sure that you also innovate new set of ideas, which can help your business to grow. Whether its your product or its marketing, you cannot rely on the same thing. You need to come up with something unique every time so that your customer are glued to your brand.

New Year Resolution 11
So, you are done with your ecommerce business and its working really well. So, what to do next in 2015? Search for an angel investor, connect with them and present your brand and ideas to them and start hoping that you are able to impress them so that they can shower some money on you. Don’t forget to use this money wisely. All the Best! 🙂

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