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E-commerce business owners may or may not be aware of this, but video promotion is one of the most crucial marketing strategies nowadays. While many online business owners have YouTube channels to promote their eCommerce business, they don’t utilize or track it properly to get benefitted. Most of us do start but ignore or lose interest after a couple of months. To enlighten the benefits of this crucial online marketing strategy and for the knowledge of readers, we would like to mention that YouTube is the second largest global search engine after the Google. Ignoring such vital, performance-boosting, great product promotion area for promotion is not a wise decision.

Globally renowned online business gurus always recommend the use of YouTube promotion simultaneously with search engine promotion and other important eCommerce business deciding strategies. Although YouTube video promotion is a crucial marketing aspect for eCommerce businesses, it also needs proper and efficient knowledge of analytic to maintain and widen your e-commerce video’s reach. If you are unaware of the analyzation facts for your eCommerce videos in YouTube, then let us help you with the analytic facts that you should take into your consideration for better YouTube video management. This exclusive section of our writing will help you learn proper analytic statistics to boost your e-commerce video performance. Let’s have a look on them.

Track Your Video Views Frequently


The success of your YouTube video contents mostly depends on the number of views in a targeted time period. YouTube analytic panel lets you analyze the total demographic composition of your video views by several categories such as age, gender, location and targeted keywords. There is no specific number of views required to mark your eCommerce video as a good one. The fact to consider here is whether your video gets a total number of hundred views or hundred thousand views, as long as they are from your targeted audience, your video campaign is successful. You have to count the number of views best required for eCommerce video based n your business parameters with realistic expectations.

Track the Source of Your Traffic


If you need an effective eCommerce video promotion on YouTube, you have to discover the source of your video traffic. YouTube analytics can help you finding the most appropriate and searched keywords so that you can include the relative ones in your video description or headers. eCommerce owners can also use the traffic sources metric to why any particular video is not performing well or not well-versed with the search results. With this vital information, you can avoid keywords that are not necessary to pay more attention in the future.

Traffic Engagement for Your Videos

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Only a great number of views aren’t enough to help your videos to get engaged with the viewers. For better eCommerce business results, the viewers need to be engaged with the video contents, share it and talk about it online. YouTube analytic tools offer a number of analytic reports, from which you can track the number of subscribers, favorite tags, likes, dislikes, shares and comments received by your video. The better the traffic engagement, the greater number of potential traffic conversion rate you will get for your eCommerce business. If your videos are not getting the perfect amount of traffic engagement then consider it as an effort deficiency on video content management, appropriate search keyword selection or traffic attracting subject selection, and try to correct them as soon as possible.

Check Conversion Rate


With YouTube Analytics, eCommerce business owners can easily determine the total number of conversions their videos generate for their business website. If your video is only generating traffic to your website, not sales, then you might need a more accurate video that could deliver higher conversion rate as well as sales for your e-commerce business, which will be a true success for your video optimization tactics.

Search on Playback Locations


Monitoring the exact playback locations of your YouTube videos on World Wide Web, you can better understand the source of your video audience. Check whether they are playing your video from external websites or through YouTube search engine itself. Determining the playback locations of your videos can help you with required proceedings as to whether you need more embedded links and external website promotion or YouTube optimization. Reviewing the playback location chart will also help in finding traffic sources and audience retention rate for your videos.

Take Steps for More Subscriber Engagement


Based on the overall reach of your YouTube video content and viewers’ interest for your future videos monitor the hike for your video channel subscribers. Generate the subscriber report through YouTube Analytics to know the exact number of subscribers you gained or lost on per video basis. This report will help you spotting the weak videos for your YouTube channel and further fixing them with appropriate or user-engaging videos. The more number of subscribers you have for your YouTube channel, the potential to see your video channel on subscription stream will be greater.

Few More Crucial Facts to Consider for Your YouTube Channel

• Video Length – The most appropriate eCommerce video length for YouTube video channel is in between 2.5 – 5 Minutes.
• Video Preview Thumbnail
• Appropriate Video Title According to Targeted and Relative Searches
• Contents of Your Video
• Video Quality
• Video Posting Time
• Exact Amount of Promotion Needed

Posting a video on your YouTube channel easy, but maintaining and getting the most out of it for your eCommerce business require skills and knowledge of using YouTube analytics. YouTube is offering a very user-friendly analytic navigation for your use, all you have to do is dig more and more to get the best knowledge and use it for your channel. Need more help related to your e-commerce website? Get in touch with us at KARTROCKET – the leading and renowned e-commerce solution provider today. We have experts to solve your each and every query related to eCommerce industry instantly.

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