Use These Tricks to Increase Email Open Rates By 22.2%

increase email open rates

To get your brand stay in the eyes of your customers, you need to make sure that you are well connected with them and what better way that email marketing. I understand that you might be sending hundreds of marketing mails daily. With long database lists and efficient email marketing software, shooting bulk mails is not a big deal.

Direct emails are sent out for a number of reasons like replying to a customer, updating them about a new product or offer, inquiring about their purchases or some just asking them what they are up to. Email open rates give you an idea for the same. However, in order to make sure that your information is properly passed to your clients, you need work and increase email open rates.

Well…how to do that? So, here are the tricks and tips to increase email open rates, tried and tested!

Firstly, What Goes Into An Effective Email?

• A Catchy Subject Line
• Crisp And Interesting Content
• Personalization
• Language That Is Simple And Directly Addresses The Customer.

Thanks to technological advancements, companies can integrate social media plugins, which give them detailed insights about the customer. Companies no longer have to struggle to gather details of the potential customers. They have access to contact details, likes, interests, activities and other important information needed to segregate your target audience.

But you must have noticed, even after having access to all the above amenities, shooting mails is not producing the desired result. Maximum users are not even replying to the mails and most of them are directly being sent into the Spam Folder. The main reason for these mishaps is impersonalized Emails. That’s Right! Emails that are not customized for an individual are considered unimportant and deleted without a second thought

The Key to Increase Email Open Rates: Personalize It!

Address Emails with Your Customers Name

Think about it. You get hundreds of mails daily. So which ones do you prefer to open, the ones which say, “Hi Rohan” or the ones that say, “Dear Customer” or just a plain “Hi”, Obviously the one with your name on it.

Same way even customers react positively to Emails that are specially written to them. This gives them a psychological satisfaction by making them feel special. Personalization can increase your open rates by 22.2%. By making your customer happy you ensure a higher open rate than before.

There are also customers that might find this slightly suspicious since they have never heard of you and yet you know their name, but this number is quite low and hardly ever affects the response.

A Personalized Subject Line Goes a Long Way

Another aspect to increase email open rates is the personalized subject line. Including the name of a person in the subject lines catches the eye. Customers find this thoughtful and know there is something important in the email. It feels like you are directly talking to them, which is why their response maximum times are affirmative.

Although it is quite difficult, customizing the email according to the interaction with the customer is a great idea. It makes them feel delighted to know that you remember their conversation and are replying accordingly. This technique is THE MOST effective one. A few small tweaks here and there and your email will be perfect.

Good Marketing is all about building strong, long lasting relationships with your customers. Pampering clients ensures customer loyalty. If some time your product may lack in quality a good a loyal customer will communicate the message in a calm way and try to understand your side of the story.

Let Your Customers Know You Are A Real Person

Share, connect, and relate to them via email. A simple way of doing this is by putting up a small picture of you as a signature. Relationship management is very important for any marketing strategy to succeed.

Although this technique requires special effort, many companies are willingly adopting it. The results are outstanding in comparison to the little extra time that has to be put in. This trend began abroad but is slowly being practised by agencies in India.

One such Indian company is ZNet Live. ZNet Live shoots only personalized Emails. It reminds you of the email conversations you have had below and constantly updates you about your domain status and other new services.

increase email open rates
Another organization that uses this method is It is an NGO that persuades users to sign petitions against unjust practises. To pull in maximum members, they send in personalized mails daily.

increase email open rates 2

Not just that, they also request you to share this petition and get your friends to sign it. If another person signs a petition through you, they send you another personalized email saying, “Dear Aman Saxena, Your got Rahul Sharma to sign the petition”.

It also makes sure to mail you back the final outcome of the petition, this too with a personalized email. This motivates the user and makes them want to sign more petitions daily.

So, try these tricks for your future email campaigns and make your customers as well as yourself happy. 🙂


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