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Irrespective of how much people deny this, the fact remains that Facebook is the current ruler in terms of social media and marketing. And since you are not competing with it to design a better social networking brand, stop fighting this fact. Now, that you have accepted this without tarrying, let’s get you started on utilizing Facebook for making profit. Or basically just popularizing yourself via one of the visibly most accessed places for people worldwide. It is the smart option and if you intend to win, then you gotta know the tricks of the trade. And frankly being active on Facebook to keep your prospective customers tuned to your site seems to be the easy way out! So buck up, if you wish to drive traffic to your work then you have to work on your social networking skills very well. But all that is great and everything but what is more important that you know how to do it properly. Anyone could know what to do but how to do it comes as a challenge. So lets concentrate on how to get through Facebook and actually make some sales with the right amount of promotions.


1.   A picture speaks a thousand words

When you surf on the pages you have liked on Facebook, you have this habit of reading and viewing the .gifs on the page. But when it comes to text you avoid it for every reason possible. And that is even when the photos have text scribbled all over them. Yea, you can read that text but not the text that is without any images at all. Its like being in class 5, you know. That age when you can read, you will benefit from reading. But the effort is just too much to invest into. So you turn the pages and review the book’s pictures instead. And gather the story and author’s point of view via these images itself.


Which is exactly what we need to implement in case of our Facebook pages too. Whatever you have to say to people or bring to their attention it is important that you do so via posting images with it too. images always get higher engagement from people and are not often ignored. Make them attractive and full of life. They should scream “This is absolutely stunning. Experience it!’ instead of “Yeah, it exists, but not worth your glance at all”. So try to work on your images and make them the backbone of your business online. Give them apt text sprawled over them and grab attention like you mean it!


2.   Opinions matter

Opinions matter? No one cares about that really. See. No one one cares about not caring either. Its just that way, no problem. People like to give out their views on every possible topic available. Why else do you think companies like Twitter and facebook are able too draw big fat paychecks at all? Its because people want to post what they feel at all points of time. So ignite this spark that breathes within people anyway.

Get people to start on opinion polls that you begin on your page. It could be as simple as “Pink or Black” or something as complicated as “Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi” (although the latter is a little controversial and should not be implemented at all, as you are a brand not a media magazine!) anything that gets people to speak up and interact with you. Once they feel attached to you they are sure to keep tabs on you and buy with you too.


3.   Run Giveaways and Contests that promise wins

People just adore it when they get discounts or they manage to strike a deal on anything at all. And so what is a better way to attract people to your store than offering them a 20% off on shoes if they like your page? And why should you stop there? There are a billion deals you could strike with prospective customers if you just try hard enough. Now, so many deals might look like you are going to go bankrupt, but seriously that is not how its going to be. When the buying within the people gets all too large, their payments cover up what little you mught have lost by offering them on those deals. Frankly, the fact is that deals are the best way to promote your work.


And don’t just give away all that you have to offer. That will make you look appear too desparate for customers and such brands are generally ignored by people. Instead engage your audience and then give them something after they win etc. Put on games that upon scoring more could entitle people to gift packages and good deals. Also you could ask people to subscribe to small contests like “best profile picture” or something like that. The winner could be promised a gift voucher.

See the basic purpose of these interactions is to well, interact. People newwd to develop an interest in your store so that they may buy frm it later on. If doing all this increases your number of consumers, then keep it going! Because you are then doing it right.


4.   Offer valid till a period of time

Make sure whatever you do you put a time limit to it. The time sensitivity puts forth a sort of bondage for your buyers. Because they have the voucher, they find it stupid not to avail it.a dn once they find there is a limit to availing it they don’t want to lose out on that limit and hence will stop delaying the buying and just go ahead and shop. Just make sure the time gap is big enough for givng people enough flexibility to make their purchase in the right time.


When you put an expiration, people feel the need to buy as soon as possible without whiling away much time on contemplating the purchase. Another way to do the trick is by putting a minimum purchase limit with the offer you put forth. This gives fans a nice incentive but also makes sure that you don’t end up on the losing side just so that you can win their attention.


5.   Free Shipping

However much you might try, this point still remains a great promise to be made. Even via Facebook publicize it as much as you can. People wrap it up more than you can imagine. Its like they are killing for free shipping. Since Facebook is the one place you get large hordes of people, it would be safe to say that people will advertise the free shopping themselves once you give them that option at all.



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