How To Use Facebook For Business And Increase Your Sales?

facebook for business

You must have definitely heard of the saying that if you are not present online, you have zero existence. However, with changing trends, it is not wrong if we say that if you are not on social media, you have zero existence. And there is no doubt that Facebook is the masters. So, what started as just to connect; today, it is connecting business as well as customers. It has become Facebook for Business.

So, what makes social media, especially Facebook the BFFs for many business owners, especially startups. The answer is simple, it is among the lowest cost marketing strategies. While other marketing strategies might force you to spend in lakhs, with Facebook, you can reach a larger audience in a fraction of cost.

Facebook has a reach of over a billion people. In India alone, it has crossed 100 million. So, when you have a low cost medium like Facebook for Business where you can reach 100 million people easily, nobody would like to miss this chance. Not forgetting the point, that you can easily target specific gender, demography, age group and much more. So, how to start using Facebook for Business and increase your sales, let’s find out.

Learning The Basics Of Facebook For Business

Before you start using Facebook, you should be clear about the main motive behind using Facebook. Are you using Facebook just to drive traffic to your website or as a sales pitch? Facebook for business have elements to serve both the purpose. Therefore, it will help you create a clear Facebook marketing strategy. If you are a beginner, follow these tips:

1) Create Business/Fan Page

Before you start with anything on Facebook for business, it is necessary that you create your identification. For this, you need to create your business page. Make sure you show the real identity of your business because it will also help in brand building and increasing your marketing value. Add basic and correct information about your business, its nature, contact number, email address, link to your website and other information that you feel is important. Get an amazing profile picture. You can put your company’s logo or get creative with it. Don’t forget the cover picture, which is a major marketing tactic and instantly attracts visitors.

2) Reach Maximum People to Like You

The power of your page will be defined by the number of likes. The more is the number of likes, your brand is more popular among the masses and higher is the reach. Therefore, you should start reaching people like your page. You can start by inviting your friends to like your page. Also, include Facebook connect plugin on your website, blogs, newsletters, mailers etc. Initially, you might face problems in getting more likes. To entice more visitors to like your page, follow the next step.

3) Start Engaging Customers

No doubt that your Facebook page is your business identity, but you need to engage your audience and entice them to visit your Facebook page, website or even persuade buy your products or services. You can include the images of your products, a quote, funny image, facts, questions, games. If you find anything interesting on the website, include that link or image on your page. This will drive more fan base and people will start visiting your page, just to look for some exciting content. Make sure you never cheat with the content of your page. Make it as interesting as possible.

4) Create Photo Gallery Of Your Products

Make your Facebook page visually appealing. You can do it by uploading images of your products and link it to that particular category. This will not only help to drive traffic, but also increase sales. If your visitor finds products interesting enough, they will like your page and even buy your products.

5) Upload Video

After photos, the next thing that attract the maximum audience is video. You can upload your corporate video, product portfolio or any other informational videos that you think will attract audiences and drive them to like your page and indirectly, your website and brand.

6) Offer Discounts Or Run A Contest

Who does not love discounts or free stuff? One of the effective social media or Facebook marketing strategy is to offer stuff for free or at discounted price. For example, you can offer 20% off on your products for first 200 users who likes your page or give free stuff to the users for first like on any particular post. Another tool on Facebook for Business has is that you can run an offer (like buy one get one free, etc.) for a limited period. This will surely drive more visitors and likes on your page.

7) Facebook Ads

It is slightly different from the above mentioned points because it is paid. For more visibility of your page, you can run Facebook ads for your company and put it right in front of your targeted audience. Decide the demography, gender, age group, the date and time frame your ad will appear and a budget based on click throughs. You can also boost a specific post on your page by simply click on Boost Post. Choose your target audience & budget and get ready to see some traffic on your page and website.

8) Update and Track

Last but not the least, keep on updating fresh content on your social media so that the customer engagement is always there. Also, keep a track on the visitors, likes, reach, likes, shares and comments so that you can get an idea about which kind of post is working for your site and social media. Facebook Analytics gives you a complete overview of your Facebook page activity.

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