8 Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Work For E-Commerce Stores

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The competition in the e-commerce market has been increasing day by day. To make your e-commerce website stand out of the crowd, you need to include different yet effective online marketing strategy. Using videos on your e-commerce store surely gives you an instant recognition; otherwise you will be missing out on your sales. Slowly, videos have become viral on the internet today. Lately, video marketing have also evolved as one of the most powerful marketing tools, as it allows the visitors to connect with your store instantly. If you are still in doubt about getting a video for your e-commerce store, then check out these top reasons on why videos are must for your e-commerce store.

Rank Your Website On Search Engines

It is believed that if your e-commerce website is not on leading search engines, then your website has zero presence online. To hit the popular search engines, videos are the most effective tool. Since, Google just loves websites with videos, e-commerce stores can utilize these videos as assets. To derive the greatest SEO rewards and make your presence felt on popular search engines, e-commerce stores should upload more and more videos that inform. You can simply upload it on YouTube and embed on your website or share the link on forums and social networking website to reach innumerable eyeballs.

Define The Nature Of Your Business

Video marketing is an excellent way to represent your company’s nature. For example, you can go for sweet and soothing videos with soft music, if you are dealing with baby products or a rough-rugged look, in case you promote sports gear, bikes or apparels for young men. The bottom line is that through your videos, the viewers get to learn not just about a product, but about your brand as well.

Videos Gives Better Information

Video can give customers an in-depth view of a product or a demonstration that removes any hesitancy that they might have about purchasing your product online. The customer finds his peace of mind. He begins to feel positive about the brand and website overall. This is very essential, especially for startups or those stores whose competition is huge.

Glue Your Visitor Through Video Marketing

Video provides a familiar user interface for site visitors. When good quality videos are given to the user, they captivate them quickly. Users are much more likely to watch a video than read pages of text for acquiring information. It takes less energy than the hassle of reading. Also, you can add a description to your video just to brief out what’s inside. Make it engaging so that people are forced to check out the video.

More Sharing, More Visitors

Sharing text on social networking website has become history. Today, video thumbnail grabs more attention that any text or image, for that matter. Due to its audio-visual capability, videos give more information in less time. through video marketing, you become quite popular among your potential customers. Also, if you include a social cause or a humorous element, then you can connect to the emotional or funny side of your audience. This will surely get more comments, likes, shares and of course, more traffic.

Great For M-Commerce

Mobile commerce, i.e., sales from shopping on tablets or smartphones, is growing so rapidly that some analysts think that it could account for 17 percent of all electronic sales. You cannot ignore these statistics. So, what can engage these smartphone users? Videos have that ability to actually replace a product page on a mobile site. A quick and informative video about the products and your company will help mobile consumers to make instant buying decisions.

Video Newsletter For More Attention

Gone are the days when the newsletter comprised of mountains of text with images. Today, you can go for unique video marketing through video newsletter for more customer attention. It has been found that they are a huge hit among competitors. Firstly, it automatically makes you stand out among the fleet of your competitors. Also, video communication has more impact on your customer’s mind. Yes, it puts a big burden on your shoulder, but, you can be sure that none of our video newsletters will go into thrash.

Videos Decreases Website’s Bounce Rate

It takes just a few seconds for a visitor to decide whether they want to stay on the website or move on. The lesser time, they stay, more in the bounce rate and this is not a good sign for your business. However, studies show that visitors stay more on those websites which have a video/s on their landing pages. This means, video marketing gives you more time and chances to impress the visitors with your products and services.

As you can see the various advantages rendered by video marketing for your e-commerce store. If you are not able to create video from your own sources, then you can hire freelance video makers and video editors from Taskr – India’s smartest micro services marketplace.





Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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