Collect Feedback, Run Surveys and More with the VisitorEngage App!

Introducing Visitor Engage!

With the VisitorEngage App on the KartRocket App Store you can perform several levels of traffic optimization, leave intent based targeting and greater control over informed customer communication.

If you can customize communication by different customer behavior, you can avoid the following:

But seriously, with VisitorEngage you can:

  • Perform actions (such as a popup message) based on which URL a visitor is at, where did the user arrive from, what search keyword they used to arrive on your site, etc.
  • Send push messages to users to inform them about new promotions, schemes, etc.
  • Run multi-page surveys and feedback so you’re constantly informed about what customers need

Moreover, the notifications can be built in drag-drop mode and are fully customizable – all the way to the CSS. So you can match notifications to your site’s look and feel.

Okay, but how do I integrated with KartRocket?

Great question! Let me tell you how..

1. Head over to: and create your free account with VisitorEngage.
2. Visit your email inbox and verify your account.
3. Once you login to your VisitorEngage account, you will see your Dashboard. Click on the “Copy Code to Your Website” option.

Save the highlighted code above (setAccount) to notepad or on your clipboard. We will need it later to paste into the VisitorEngage KartRocket App.

4. Login to your KartRocket Admin Panel
5. Go to Apps  > Marketing

6. Scroll Down or Search for the “Visitor Engage” App till you find it.

7. Click on the “Install” button. The App will automatically turn on.
8. Next, click on “Settings” and enter the VisitorEngage account code previously copied: 

9. Click Save

That’s it! Now head over to your website and you should see the Feedback tab on the right-hand side.

**if you have cacheing enabled, please make sure you clear cache to see the result

Now take full advantage of this cool app and drive user engagement through the roof for your KartRocket Store!

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions above this below.


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