WebEngage Integration with KartRocket for Better Customer Engagement

Webengage KartRocket

One of the most essential things that are needed for a successful ecommerce store is to have a subtle communication with the customers. If you want to build a loyal relationship with your customers and provoke them to get back to your store again and again, you need to bridge the gap. As an ecommerce platform provider, KartRocket understand the need of its client. This is why, we have integrated with one of the most powerful on-site customer engagement tool, WebEngage.

WebEngage is a powerful tool that will help you increase your sales and engage more customers towards your KartRocket online store.  With this, you can collect feedback, push notification and collect real time analytics and reports. It uses the three most booming marketing tools: Notification, Survey and Feedback.


Don’t let your visitor miss important offers or discounts offered on your online store. Use WebEngage to show in-site notifications that will drive more sales and traffic. You can create an effective campaign and show notifications for a specific set of audience like SEO traffic, repeated visitors, shopping cart reminder. Also, you will get real time reports of click-through rates.


Use WebEngage to create short surveys and target to a specific audience like people coming from Google or social networking sites. Its survey builder supports variety of questions using drag & drop feature. Also, you will get an in-depth report of each and every survey on your email.


Use WebEngage form builder to create a feedback form and embed it into your store. Get real time reports along with other information like location, browser users, platform, etc. for better tracking. You can manage all the feedback and replies on your WebEngage dashboard and download reports in Excel format.

Benefits Of WebEngage for KartRocket Users

The Webengage integration with KartRocket is surely going to benefits our clients in many ways. You can use the above mentioned marketing tools to drive more sales and traffic towards your KartRocket store. Also, if you integrate KartRocket store with WebEngage, then you will get 15 % discount on all plans. Along with the monetary benefits, you will also get easy access to all the reports, survey or feedback form builder, push notification and manage them easily from WebEngage dashboard. All you need is to sign up with WebEngage by clicking here, integrate KartRocket store with WebEngage and you are good to go.

Integrating KartRocket store with WebEngage

To take advantage of all these features and WebEngage on your KartRocket store, you need a single time integration of the Java Script Code. To do this, sign up for a free trial store on WebEngage for your store and then follow these steps

1) Login to your KartRocket store and click on Apps.

webengage integration with kartrocket

2) Search for Webengage. Change its slider to On and open it. It will ask you for a license code.

webengage integration with kartrocket

3) Now, go to your Webengage dashboard. Click on Widget integration and copy the license code from Default Widget Integration Code.

webengage integration with kartrocket

4) Paste or Type the License Code on your KartRocket store admin panel. Click on Save.

webengage integration with kartrocket

You have successfully integrated your KartRocket store with WebEngage Now, you can check the status of your survey or feedback campaign, push notifications on the site and check the reports on your WebEngage dashboard.

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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