What is Hyperlocal Marketing and How to Implement it in Your Business?

The emergence of multiple channels of communication has been compelling brands to perennially work on their marketing. That time has long gone when the only method of marketing consisted use of banners or publishing small print advertisements to gain the attention of the audience. Today, we are talking about location-specific marketing approaches, through which customers get the desired products and services at an arm’s length.

In a competitive marketplace like eCommerce, it’s essential to tap the right audience at the right time and most importantly, right where they are. Targeting prospective buyers at their workplace, home, or neighborhood is one of the most efficient approaches you can undertake as a business owner to boost the growth of your business.

This kind of marketing approach where you are channelizing all your efforts on a specific geographic location is called hyperlocal marketing. Remember, customers who search locally have a higher chance of buying a product than the ones who don’t. In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about hyperlocal marketing, along with the best ways to quickly boost your sales through this marketing approach.

What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing is fundamentally for the people in your neighborhood willing to purchase your products or services. This marketing approach is targeted to reach local customers, who live a few blocks or streets away from your store. It intends to target people opting for “near me” searches on their device.

If you have ever looked out for a specific type of business when you’re at home, then you have already conducted a hyperlocal search. 
The primary objective of hyperlocal marketing is to increase physical traffic to retail shops and rely on near-me searches that have high commercial intent. Typically, when customers conduct hyperlocal searches, they search with the intent of making a purchase.

For instance, consider a situation when you are looking out for a guitar that you once saw online. You visit the nearest music store, only to find that they don’t keep that particular model of the guitar. What will you do next?

You will take out your mobile phone and conduct a “near me” search for music shops around your location. You have already spent a lot of time going around the streets and searching for a parking space for your car, so you don’t want to drive to another store. Instead, you would want a store within a walking distance from your location. This is where hyperlocal search comes into play.  shows you options where you can walk to.

In case you are looking for a platform that can provide you with brilliant hyperlocal marketplace solutions, look nowhere else and explore Shiprocket 360. We, at Shiprocket 360, let you empower your customers by letting them decide when, how and where to shop. With the help of a highly localized fulfillment system, you have the ability to assign demanded goods to your local merchant to achieve the same day or even the same hour delivery.

How Can You Implement A  Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy?

Hyperlocal advertising

Whenever a customer searches for your product, allow them to visit your store. He should also be able to make a call through a relevant call-to-action pop-up button consisting of your phone number and a map location of your shop. The location of your customer is eventually passed to advertisement networks that sell the ad space with location information to other channels.

Optimize Google My Business Page

Small and medium-sized businesses that have physical locations should optimize their Google My Business pages, as it is the backbone of hyperlocal marketing. Nearly 33% of all searches on Google are related to location. Few tips to optimize the page are as follows-

  • Add relevant keywords to your business description
  • Highlight your contact information. It can consist of your email ID, address, phone number, etc
  • Add high-quality photos 
  • Choose the primary category for your business. Are you dealing with apparel, electronics, manufacturing goods? Pick it up wisely, as this will help you increase visibility for search terms related to your category
  • Set your working hours and days

Use Location-based Keywords

You can definitely benefit from optimizing your site with location-based keywords that directly relate to your location. Along with your city/town name, you can also include keywords relevant to your location. For example, if you’re based out of New Delhi, you can talk about India Gate or Connaught Place. For Mumbai, you can include Marine Drive, Colaba and so on. You can also use these keywords in product descriptions, delivery areas so that they show up in the texts of your webpages. These methods help Google to find you, eventually helping you rank higher in search engines.

Create Quality Local Content

If you’re a local brand selling online, creating high-quality local content won’t be a problem. However, if you’re a regional brand, making a name in the local market might be difficult. The best way to create quality content for your brand is to hire local talent who can create content for you. Having a local voice behind your blog posts, videos, ad, email copy, and your social media posts will go a long way toward increasing trust and building relationships.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can become a boon for your business. Don’t just depend on Google reviews, instead, try and increase the number of reviews across platforms as different platforms use different ranking systems. You can also offer some kind of discount or a freebie to encourage customers to leave a review of your product/service. In case there is a negative review, act promptly towards it and take it as feedback to improve things in the future. Keep the reviews section extremely customer-friendly. Include step-by-step directions on your website and make the review process simple and short.

In-store Experience

It’s extremely important you provide your customer with an exemplary experience once he is inside your shop. You can provide him with a customized and personal solution. Remember, good customer experience will not only retain one specific customer but will also bring in more customers to your store.


Now that you know about these hyperlocal marketing strategies, it’s time to implement them in your business. Hyperlocal marketing can take your business to the next level by helping you find customers in your neighborhood areas. Determine the importance of this marketing approach as soon as you can to enjoy an edge over your competitors/peers.

Debarpita Sen

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