How to Write Great Content for your Ecommerce Site

Get Your Content User-Ready!

Once upon a time when selling and shopping was done hand to hand and personally, everything was very different. The stores that sold most were the ones that employed the smartest and most creative salesmen and saleswomen. People could relate more to the good representatives of the stores and hence preferred shopping where the shopping was made easy by well rehearsed, prepared salesmen. Now of course, e-commerce is the shopping mall and if you want to purchase groceries, you are more likely to be on the internet than the store-next-door. But even though the medium has changed, the process remains similar. People still perceive the products on face value and make purchases on the basis of what they like.

A big part of your store’s success is dependent on targeted traffic. So imagine potential customers scrolling your online shopping store looking for what they want to buy. They will check the pictures and the content of the products they wish to purchase. Content management might not seem a topic worth discussing but somehow it is what brings audience to your store. Bear in mind that many people will come to your site for information to research a potential purchase. If you can provide all the information they need about your products but also entertain and add value they didn’t expect, you’re much more likely to convert visitors to buyers. If you really wish to get properly aimed viewers to buy from you, maybe its time to give a second thought to the content that you write for your site.


1. Understand what needs to be done

First you require to realize that ‘content’ doesn’t just cover write ups that talk about how great you are or what you provide. It is not just blog posts, flowery text in your site and YouTube videos. It covers pretty much everything on your store, including links to other sites and user reviews.

You are in control of all those aspects of your store and therefore you can control how visitors perceive you and what they say about it on social media and elsewhere too.


Product Descriptions

Adding detailed, useful product descriptions should be the first step of your content strategy. Do not just use the manufacturer’s description. That is going to make you the most boring site in the universe. And people don’t like sites that do not put effort in thir work. If you just state facts and not beautify and enhance your content quality (because you are so lazy), you are the only loser. Provide at least a few sentences and make sure you put effort and care and attention into making it as good as possible – a great product description could be enough to tip the balance that turns an unconvinced browser into an ‘I must have this’ buyer.


User Reviews

User reviews are a brilliant way of generating a large quantity of unique content on your store. User reviews are “the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging, with 70 percent of global consumers surveyed online indicating they trust messages on this platform, an increase of 15 percent in four years.” Yes, you are not creating this content yourself but it is part of your site. And it is possible that people read it more voraciously than your product descriptions. Because there is something very genuine about people’s views that is worth trusting by people.

It’s important therefore to make it easy for customers to leave reviews on all of your product pages and to encourage them to leave a message after the purchase has been made. You can surely enhance your ratings if you nail this part right.


2. Quality determines who you are

When I say the content should be written well, you have to understand I am asking you to “write well”. Not boast or brag but come up with such stuff for your site that brings you good amount of sales. Web visitors want useful information about your products, not a sales pitch. Make sure your content is relevant, consistent in terms of tone and of a professional quality which symbolizes your image in the business field.

Pushing products too hard could be seen as a sense of desperation so don’t do that either. The casual browser expects a technically and literally enriching experience when he views what he is going to buy. So it should give a charming vibe which says that you will be a good choice and purchasing from you is the best option at hand. Also while you are at it, people don’t like all text and no facts either. You are expected to include information such as prices and product benefits, so try to find a good balance between the two.

Think form a user’s perspective. Keep users’ needs in mind and you can’t go wrong. They want to know why you are the best. Why your products work and exist perfectly and why going with you can never be wrong.



3. Presentation Matters

The competition is way too highly spread today. Specially in a field like e-commerce, there are uncountable number of stores all trying to grab users’ attention and making promises that just cannot be refused. What do you have to offer that puts you ahead of the herd? What if you too put up the same stuff on the web as every second site?

Now everybody, undoubtedly, more or less have the same products to sell in their stores. So how do you stand out? You can’t surely give away free stuff or do something that endangers your profits. So presentation is what will make all the difference here. If you can add personality or present product information in an entertaining way, you will stand head and shoulders above everyone else who are merely putting out mediocre content. You might not realize this, but buyers always prefer dealing with people with businesses rather than businesses with people. So bring up your reputation so that you are worthy of attracting more potential customers.



4. Make Sure It’s Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is the vanilla flavor of the ecommerce ice cream industry. Everybody just loves it! Okay this might sound like a cheesy comparison, but believe me, SEO is the one thing that every seller wants in his favor.  After all not everyone is eBay and fame does not come by all that easily in e-commerce. So your enterprise remains insanely unknown until people “stumble” by your site. And you can’t really fall back on luck for business to prosper. So always make sure that you do a keyword research when you are beginning to write. Once you know what keywords you want to rank for, it makes planning content much easier and your customers will feel that you are speaking directly to them, increasing engagement and trust.


5. Make Sure It’s Shareable

Shareable content means not only that people will want to share it with their friends and social media followers, but also that it is presented in a format that is shareable.

Videos and detailed how-to blog posts are great for this, as are special discounts. A good rule of thumb is to create content that visitors feel good about sharing as it makes them look good to others.


How to Write Great Content for your eCommerce Site


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