KartRocket Features


Restrict Order Limit

Put a cap on the maximum and minimum number of products to be ordered in a single transaction. With this feature, you can waive out any losses, especially during any discount or promotional offers.

Big Beautiful Product Images

Add unlimited images for each product to show complete details of your products. Also, get a smart zoom for your product image so that your customers don’t miss even a minute detail of product.

Set Price As Per Option

Easily set different price for same product but different options. So, as soon as your customer chooses size ‘XXL’ for a particular product, then the price of the product will change automatically.

Add Product Variants

Add any number of attributes for your product like size, color, shape, weight, SKU, stock level and other details easily on every product page. This will help you customer to make quick purchase and reduce dropped cart.

Multi Level Product Categories

Creating a category hierarchy was never so easy. Now, add multiple categories easily and let your customer navigate quickly with multi-level product categorization.

Create Catalog Easily

You can add products in bulk or individually in few clicks. You can also create catalog with our seller app, in which you just need to click image, upload it with necessary information and start selling.

Compare Products

With this unique feature, you can let your customers compare similar products side by side, based on various attributes so that they can choose the best. This is extremely popular for categories like electronics, mobiles, etc.

Advanced Product Filters

With advanced product filters, let your customers filter on any product specification like size, color, style, size, fabric, pattern, capacity, etc. to find that perfect products in just few clicks.

Add to Wishlist

’Add to Wishlist’ feature allows your customer to create a list of products which they like but do not buy at that time. You can use this list afterwards to offer discounts and persuade them to buy products.

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