KartRocket Features


Robots.txt & Sitemap Submission Tools

Automatically generate Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files for Google Crawlers to easily index or not to index your website. These files will help your website to rank well on search engines.

Redirect URL

We have taken complete care of your SEO needs. Redirect your webpage automatically to another page and making your website more SEO friendly. This way, you can avoid 404 errors on your website.

Local SEO

Optimize your online store for Local SEO so that your audience can search your store and its location. Just enter your store details like name, address, etc and local SEO microtags will be implemented, making it Local SEO ready.

On-page SEO

Include extensive SEO features like Auto-Generated Titles, Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image ALT Tags and URLs, or use your own to avoid any nitty-gritties of the same. Optimize every product, category and static page for easy discovery.

SEO Ready Website

KartRocket comes with a bunch of pre-bundled SEO tools to help boost your online store’s rankings. All themes and HTML is also fully SEO ready so that your site gets extra brownie points with search engines.

Free SEO Tools

Earn those extra brownie points by creating a website that is not only loved by your customers but also search engines. Enhance your store rankings on popular search engine, using our SEO tools and increase brand visibility at zero cost.

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