Build Innovative Customer Expriences on Cloud-Based Platforms


Web Development

Experience superior graphics, intuitive interfaces, and innovative functionalities

We offer customized designs and features to help you reach your target audience and provide a creative and exclusive website. If you can envision it, we can create it. Customization allows you to stand out from the crowd and carve a unique identity for your brand.

  • concept


  • layout

    Brand-Centric Layout

  • mobile

    Mobile Responsive



Have a Consistent Catalog Across Multiple Selling Channels

  • image

    Product Images

    Add, edit, and change product images based on colors and sizes. Create a user-friendly product page with an option to zoom out to give a better understanding of the product.

  • Variation & Filters

    Variation & Filters

    Have multiple product variants? With advanced product filters, let your customers filter on any product specification like size, color, style, fabric, pattern, capacity, etc.

  • Bulk Upload & Categorization

    Bulk Upload & Categorization

    Add multiple categories with our ‘Bulk Upload’ feature and let your customers navigate with multi-level product categorization.

  • Specification & Comparison

    Specification & Comparison

    Clear product description and specification helps customers to have a clear view of the product. Our ‘Product Comparison’ feature will help you show the exact difference between different products.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic Pricing

    We give you the ability to alter prices according to the SKU. Give your customers a clear sense of your offerings by showing ‘Discounted Prices’.

  • Order Limit & Wishlist

    Order Limit & Wishlist

    Use the ‘Wishlist’ option to let your customers add their favorite products for the future. Beside this, wave out any losses by putting an order limit in a single transaction.

Order Management System

Order Management System

Change the Game of Order Fulfillment by Empowering your Customers.

  • 360-Degree View of Orders

    360-Degree View of Orders

    Get a single view of all orders and inventory. Manage multiple stores, fulfill orders, allocate and reroute stocks in just a few clicks with our automation tool. This not only helps you but acts as a value-added experience for your customers too.

  • Order Assignment Rules

    Order Assignment Rules

    Fast and hassle-free shipping is all that matters for your buyer. Make that possible by providing multiple order fulfillment options. Based on rules like proximity, inventory, and pricing, our OMS automatically assign the relevant store to fulfill a respective order.

  • Real-time Notifications

    Real-time Notifications

    Win your customers every time when you send real-time notifications for order status, delivery status, and stock update.

  • Post Order Experience

    Post Order Experience

    Improve user experience, promote products, and introduce offers with a personalized tracking page for your customers.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Centralized Inventory System For Effective Stock Management

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    Simplify supply chain operations and reduce technology cost with our fully integrated ERP solutions. Integrate our ERP with your inventory to achieve the critical balance of stock management and scalability.

  • Single Inventory View

    Single Inventory View

    Get a single, unified, and authentic view of your complete inventory. This enables you to have total control over your inventory and supply chain process.

  • Low Stock Alert

    Low Stock Alert

    Get a daily alert about products which are low in stock to avoid any ‘out-of-stock’ situations. Convert all your customers into buyers by maintaining your credibility with a real-time stock update.

  • Pre Orders for Products

    Pre Orders for Products

    Use our Pre-Order functionality to let your customer order even when a product is out-of-stock.

Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Meet your Customers’ Expectations with Fastest Product Delivery

  • Shipping Simplified

    Shipping Simplified

    We offer you complete order fulfillment software – Shiprocket. Now, ship anywhere using India’s best courier companies, at affordable pricing.

  • Order Processing

    Order Processing

    With our automated shipping solution, you can process an order, pick a courier company, print packing slips, and generate pickups in minutes.

  • Shipment Tracking & Notifications

    Shipment Tracking & Notifications

    Track your shipments and update your customers about their order from dispatch to delivery.

  • Shiprocket Wallet

    Shiprocket Wallet

    Pay As You Go. Just recharge your account and use this amount to ship your products.

  • International Shipping

    International Shipping

    Go global and leave shipping hassles to us. With our automated shipping solution, you can ship to 220+ countries worldwide.

  • Multiple Courier Partners

    Multiple Courier Partners

    Choose from the best courier companies to ship your packages. We have 13+ courier partners like FedEx, Delhivery, Bluedart, Xpressbees, DHL, Wow Express, Ekart, Ecom Express, etc at your service.

Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Build a Secure & Fast Payment Process to Earn Customers’ Trust

  • Accept National & International Payments

    Accept National & International Payments

    Accept payment in any currency. Enter your price in Rupees and we will auto-convert them into popular currencies around the world, depending on the user’s location.

  • Automated COD Verification

    Automated COD Verification

    Prevent fraud orders and avoid losses. Verify your orders by prompting your customers to enter a unique code, sent via SMS, for Cash on Delivery checkout.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    We have various payment options for both offline and online payments. Easily accept payment via credit/debit card, net banking, COD, food coupons, bank transfer, etc.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    Secure Payment Gateway

    Accept online payments easily. We have partnered with two secure payment gateways, Citrus and Pay U Money at pre-negotiated TDR charges. What else? We will offer you complete help with their integration.

  • Free Payment Gateway Integration

    Free Payment Gateway Integration

    Get FREE payment gateway integration for over 15 payment gateways like EBS, CC Avenue, Pay U, PayPal, DirecPay, ICICI, PayZippy, Airpay, Paytm, Instamojo, HDFC & more.

API & Middleware

API & Middleware

Customized Web Integrations for Better Performance and User Experience.

  • Build Communication Gateways

    Build Communication Gateways

    To have an omnichannel presence, you need to create a unified infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with all your sales channels. We have ready-to-use APIs that eliminates the burden of developing new features and tools for quickly deploying digital initiatives.

  • Knit Disparate Systems Together

    Knit Disparate Systems Together

    In this growing market, it’s hard to work with pre-integrated APIs. Here’s why we provide Middleware solutions to our clients with 100% support during any modification or addition. We are an expert in data integration, which means we’ll take care of any change in business rules, APIs, or IT complexities you may experience.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Improve user experience and provide better customer service in real-time.

  • Product Recommendation

    Product Recommendation

    Show your customers ‘similar’ or ‘frequently bought together’ products to upsell your inventory.

  • CORE - Courier Recommendation Engine

    CORE – Courier Recommendation Engine

    Use our Courier Recommendation Engine to see the best-rated, cheapest, and fastest courier services available based on your pickup and delivery pin codes.

  • Low Stock Alert

    Low Stock Alert

    Don’t miss out another customer because of an ‘out of stock’ message. Get an alert as soon as your stock hit the lowest level.

  • Abandoned Cart Notification

    Abandoned Cart Notification

    Increase your chances of selling a product by sending real-time abandoned cart notification to buyers.

  • Store Credits

    Store Credits

    Retain your customers by rewarding loyal customers. Give them free store credits to buy anything from your store. Increase your chances of selling a product by sending real-time abandoned cart notification to buyers.

  • Improved Checkout Process

    Improved Checkout Process

    Get an advanced checkout page where your customers can see available payment options and estimated delivery date. You can also show available courier partners for your customers to choose from.



Redesign the Customer Interaction Model for Today’s Hyper-Connected World.

  • Customer Profiling & Segmentation

    Customer Profiling & Segmentation

    Make informed decisions for better customer service and satisfaction by dividing your customers into multiple segments based on their shopping behavior, transactions, locations location, etc.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Recommendation Engine

    Show customized product combos and offers to your customers based on their purchase history, last click, and feedback.

  • Personalized Transactional Emails

    Personalized Transactional Emails

    Send personalized transactional emails with different content and CTAs for every customer with the help of our dynamic logic.

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification

    Announce new products, offers, and sales using Push Notifications. Send real-time notifications to improve customer engagement with your brand.

  • Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

    Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

    Get higher clicks by sending personalized ‘Abandoned Cart Notifications’ to your buyers with product images, price, stock update, etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Create Reliable Omnichannel Customer Insights from the Data you Collect.

We provide you with a customized dashboard that gives you detailed insight to leverage the power of your omnichannel. Get real-time reports and statistics on your products, searches, payments, number of visitors, etc. With these detailed reports, spend time on planning how to increase sales, rather than calculating numbers.

Use these various reports to channel your focus by identifying the problem areas in your business:

  • Shipping Summary

    Shipping Summary

  • Order Report

    Order Report

  • Recharge Report

    Recharge Report

  • Weight Discrepancy Report

    Weight Discrepancy Report

  • NDR Report

    NDR Report

  • Billing & Reconciliation Report

    Billing & Reconciliation Report

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the right marketing, it’s possible to convert your customers at a 2X rate

  • Attract Users with Google & Facebook Ads

    Attract Users with Google & Facebook Ads

    Showcase your products to the most relevant audiences across multiple channels with a single automated platform.

  • Track and measure conversion with Pixel Tracking

    Track and measure conversion with Pixel Tracking

    Use Pixel Tracking to keep a close watch on what a visitor does on your website and deeply understand a user’s behavior

  • Sell on High Traffic Affiliate Websites

    Sell on High Traffic Affiliate Websites

    Get more traffic with affiliate sites and networks pre-integrated with us. Drive visitors to your website by creating coupons, referral and cashback programs.

  • Increase your PageRank with SEO

    Increase your PageRank with SEO

    Manage your Local and On-page SEO with our free tools. Generate Sitemaps and other files to improve your rank on search engines.

  • Launch Combo offers on your products

    Launch Combo offers on your products

    Delight your customers with combo offers. With our in-built combo offer app, you can easily create custom rules at product and category level to create multiple offers and combos on a daily basis.

  • Use Discovery tools for a better product discovery

    Use Discovery tools for a better product discovery

    Increase your conversions and session rate on your website by providing contextual recommendations to your users wherever they need it.

  • Send Newsletters automatically

    Send Newsletters automatically

    Set-up a two-way communication with your customers and engage them by sending more useful content than just promotional mailers.

  • Send automated SMS to engage

    Send automated SMS to engage

    Fuel sales by getting an instant access to your buyer’s phone with our pre-integrated SMS tool.

  • Browser push Notifications

    Browser push Notifications

    Regain lost customers, engage regular customers, and do more with push notifications.

  • Automated Facebook Posts

    Automated Facebook Posts

    Automate your Facebook posts to keep your page updated with trends, campaigns, and real-time information of what’s happening on your website.

  • Notify customers about product availability

    Notify customers about product availability

    Give your customers the option to set-up alerts about stock availability to increase retention and sales.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Get real-time visibility of your stock at every stage of order processing.

  • Achieve Same-Day Deliveries

    Achieve Same-Day Deliveries

    Make your fulfillment process super efficient by giving flexible order picking options to your customers. Get an android app to sort order, print invoice/shipping label, etc.

  • Real-Time Operations

    Real-Time Operations

    Eliminate functional bottlenecks by getting real-time visibility of all warehouse operations. Minimize manual data entry by managing everything straight from an android app.

  • Maximize Warehouse Utilization

    Maximize Warehouse Utilization

    Our AI helps you identify the total capacity of your rakes and quantity bins. You can use this to achieve operational efficiency by allocating stock based on fast and slow-moving SKUs.

  • Real-Time Inventory Counting

    Real-Time Inventory Counting

    With our WMS, count inventory without stopping any operations. Use Android or Desktop app to compare physical count with real-time book stock to reduce any discrepancies.

  • Advanced Shipping Note

    Advanced Shipping Note

    Manage shipments even before they reach your warehouse by getting detailed information about the pending delivery in an EID or XML format. An ASN gives you information like shipment weight, product information, no. of shipments, mode of transportation, and courier information.

  • Automate Billing and Contract Management

    Automate Billing and Contract Management

    Use our WMS to simplify accounting and billing process in your organization. Now, use a single tool to manage multiple contracts and generate invoices for all your clients.

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