Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. What Is KartRocket?

A. KartRocket is a DIY platform which offers end to end eCommerce solution, right from your website creation to payment, marketing and logistics. Based on SaaS technology, we offer a complete and easy pathway to kickstart their online business and start selling

Q. How Should I Get Started?

A. Well, you can contact our eCommerce Advisor at +91-9015644441 to know more about KartRocket platform and plans. You can also create a FREE 30 day trial store to get the look and feel of our platform. During this trial store, you can upgrade anytime to our paid plans. You can check all KartRocket app and features offered in each of them here. To create your free trial store, click on this link.

Q. Can I Create An Online Store Like Flipkart Or Snapdeal?

A. This facility is not available on KartRocket platform. In any marketplace, there are separate back-end for different vendors; whereas KartRocket offers you a single back-end access. So, you can source products from various vendors and sell on your KartRocket store, but you cannot give multiple access to your store admin panel.

Q. How Much Time Will It Take To Setup My Online Store?

A. That depends upon your store setup requirements and catalog. On an average, a store is setup between 15-20 days of sign up, including website, cataloging, payment gateway and logistics.

Q. My Technical Knowledge Is Almost Zero. Can I Still Create My Online Store On Kartrocket?

A. Ofcourse! That’s the beauty of KartRocket platform that even a non-technical person can create a basic online store easily. Also, for your help, we offer you knowledgebase, video tutorials, email & chat support for any queries.

Q. What is Go Live Support?

A. In order to help you create online store on KartRocket and make our panel more familiar with you for future use, we offer you 30 days Go Live Support (in Professional, Unlimited & Enterprise Plans). For these 30 days, a Project Manager will be allotted to you, who will provide complete assistance in website creation, payment gateway integration and resolve your queries in no time.

Q. I Already Have An Online Store On Another Ecommerce Platform. Can I Switch?

A. Yes, you can easily migrate from any eCommerce platform to KartRocket. All your products, customers, images and variations can be easily imported from .csv or .xml file.

Q. I Already Have A Domain Name. Can I Use That?

A. Yes. You choose your own Domain name for your online store and sell products in our own brand name.

Q. Will The Customer Face A Delay In Loading The Pages As The Number Of Products/Traffic Increase?

A. Not at all. KartRocket has done a special deal with Akamai, global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. This has made KartRocket, the fastest SaaS based eCommerce platform. In short, you don’t have to worry about huge traffic as we are all set for it.

Q. Is my online store and data safe with KartRocket?

A. We will never share your data or personal information with anyone without your permission. As far as your online store is concerned, we offer you secured payment gateway so that your customer can make payments without any risk. You can also go for SSL certification for your online store to make it more secure. Contact our sales representative to know more about SSL certification.

Q. What kind of support will I get from KartRocket?

A. After your store has been created, we will offer you complete support in managing your KartRocket store. Other than 24/7 access to our knowledgebase, video tutorials and blogs, you will also get email, phone and chat support from our representatives. For certain plans, priority support is also available.

Q. What is the difference between Web development companies and KartRocket? Platform?

A. Web development companies work on open source wherein they will be creating a custom website for you from the scratch. Below are the Pros & Cons of Web Development companies offer like Pros:One Time Setup Charges, No Limitation on Customization, Dedicated Server & they have cons like:Huge Investment Required, Time Consuming, SMS Gateway Inegration Hassle, Payment Gateway Integration Hassle, Logistics Tie Up and Integration Hassle,Technical Person Require to Manage Load Balancing and downtime of the Website (Technical Support). On the other hand, KartRocket offer you pre-integrated design along with hosting, payment gateway setup, Logistic support, eCommerce plugins and many more. Most Important ongoing technical support for your website.

Q. Can I use my own hosting?

A. No, As we are offering a SaaS based platform, hosting will be provided from our end using AWS.

Q. What is the surety of business on your platform?

A. We are offering you platform for your eCommerce website. As we are not a marketing company so we can't give any commitment on your business but we have tools which you can use to market your website and track your marketing data.

Q. How your platform is different from competition and your plans are expensive as well in comparison to others?

A. Firstly, our USP is our Shipping solutions which is completely automated with pre-integrated courier partners along with negotiated rates. This feature helps you to ship your order at low costs and in a convenient way with zero order commitment. We have features different features like Customer grouping, discount code engine, Cart Rules & many more which are not available with competition or you need to pay extra for the same. On hosting side, our platform is more scalable as we are using AWS server along with Akamai technology which results in faster loading of your website. All these points are not enough? KartRocket is an only platform which is trusted by elite brands like Best Rice, Da Milano, Carlton London, All India Radio, Beer Café, Divani & many more.

Q. Why you guys are charging recurring fee while website development is a One Time activity?

A. As KartRocket is SaaS platform and SaaS platforms work on subscription model only. Beauty of SaaS is that you don’t need to develop the website from scratch. Everything is developed and all the tools are available. You can just subscribe and start your website. Now, why you need to pay recurring money is because we are providing you constant support in terms of technological updates, hosting, technical support and load balancing on your website. It’s like you are outsourcing your technical support.

Q. Do I need to register my business for associating with KartRocket?

A. We would suggest you to get your business registered so that you don’t face any legal issues in near future. Well, KartRocket don’t have such requirements, you can start as an individual as well.

Q. I already have a website for my business, can I just use the payment Gateway and logistic services from your end?

A. No, if you want payment gateway, you need to subscribe with our platform. If you only require shipping solutions, we have ShipRocket plans for you. You can connect you with the ShipRocket team at .

Q. Do you guys support multivendor feature?

A. No, currently we do not support this requirement, we would announce once we launch this feature on our platform.

Q. Can I integrate my own courier partners on your platform for logistic management?

A. No, currently we do not support this requirement, we would announce once we launch this feature on our platform.

Q. How can I sync my order inventory from other platforms?

A. We would suggest you to use Unicommerce for the same.

Q. Can I display city wise pricing of my product?

A. We are working on this feature and this will be available soon. I can suggest you a way-out for this where you can use the categories as different cities and display products accordingly.

Q. I want real time inventory sync with my retail stores, Is it possible?

A. Yes, you can use our open APIs and ask your software provider to integrate the same with the website.

Q. What kind of products do you help in shipping and what security measure do you provide?

A. Please refer to

Q. How secure is your platform?

A. We are using AWS along with Akamai technology which results in faster loading of your website. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which offers most scalable solutions. For details, Please refer to

Q. Can I use my own SSL?

A. No, We are using Akamai technology which doesn't allow any 3rd party SSL integration.

Q. Does your platform support Reward & Cashback feature and how it works?

A. Yes, we have both the options but Cashback feature is manual wherein you can login in the backend and Add the Store Credits in Customer's account which can be use in next purchase. For Rewards, you can define the points which customer will get while purchasing a product. This is also possible on the basis of product options.

Q. I have read about KartRocket reviews on different platforms and those reviews are negative. Why should I go with KartRocket?

A. As we are in service industry so there is no such company where all customers are satisfied. We are pioneer in this space in India and that’s the reason brands like Best Rice, Da Milano, Carlton London, All India Radio, Beer Café, Divani loves our services. If you see any of our competitions, No one has such elite brands.
Store Setup (Themes, Cataloging, Customization)

Q. Do We Have To Pay Extra For The Themes?

A. There is no Extra charge for the Themes. For users who chose either of plans, except Express, can access all 100+ themes and choose which suits them.

Q. Suppose We Would Like To Switch From One Theme To Another, Is It Possible?

A. You can change your theme anytime, without any extra charges. However, once you change theme, it will revoke all your changes to default theme settings. Therefore, we advise merchants to choose their store theme carefully before they start working on it.

Q. I Love The Templates, But Want To Customize Them. Can I?

A. Sure! Our templates are highly customizable. If you have your own team of developers, then you can go ahead. If you want us to do that for you, then the cost will be additional.

Q. How Many Products And Categories Can I Add On My Online Store?

A. You can add unlimited products, varying from plan to plan. As for the categories, you can unlimited categories and sub-categories in all plans.

Q. I Sell Women’s Clothes but I Want to Keep Different Price for Different Size of the Same Apparel. Can I Do This?

A. Yes. We have specialized feature which lets you set price based of different attributes. That means if your product of size ‘S’ costs Rs. 500 and ‘XL’ costs Rs. 550, so it will automatically change at the checkout, based on the size chosen by your customer.

Q. What are your offering in terms of website design?

A. In terms of design, we have multiple pre-designed templates which can be used for your website design.

Q. Can I use my own template?

A. No, You can't use any external template. But if you want, we can provide you design as per your requirements, there will be some one time customization charges for the same. Other option is, you will be having a tool using which you can Add Your Own HTML/CSS codes and customize the design from your end.

Q. What are the possibilities of customization in your platform related to design and functionality?

A. You will be having a tool using which you can Add Your Own HTML/CSS codes and customize the design from your end. Functionality level changes are not feasible in our platform.
Payment (Payment Gateway, COD)

Q. What Mode Of Payment Is Acceptable On My Kartrocket Store?

A. With your KartRocket store, you can accept both online and Cash-On-Delivery payments. For secure online payments, we will integrate payment gateway in your KartRocket store, free of cost.

Q. How does Payment Gateway Work?

A. You can sign up for the payment gateway through KartRocket app. For a successful payment gateway integration, you need to submit some documents like ID proof, address proof, bank details and company registration documents. You will avail of special low rates as a KartRocket customer. Once your gateway is live, we will enable it for your online store. Your customer will see your website or company’s name on their account statement and there is no mention of KartRocket anywhere.

Q. Which Payment Gateway Does Kartrocket Offer?

A. As recommended payment gateways, we offer Citrus Pay and Pay U Money. We will provide complete help in getting any of these payment gateways integrate on your online store at pre-negotiated TDR charges and integrate it with your online store for free. Other than these, we provide you the option to free integration of 15 payment gateways with your KartRocket store.

Q. When Will I Get Payment In My Account For Prepaid Orders?

A. The amount will be transferred in your bank account, after deduction of TDR charges, within 72 working hours after successful transaction.

Q. I Don’t Want To Use Payment Gateway? Can I Still Run My Online Store?

A. Yes. You can run your store using COD payment. However, we will recommend you to integrate payment gateway so that you can offer more payment options.
Automated Shipping (Logistics, Shiprocket, etc.)

Q. What Kartrocket Offers For Logistics?

A. For smooth shipping of your products, KartRocket offers you an automated shipping solution, ShipRocket. Using this service, you can send your shipments anywhere in India and abroad. Through this, you can generate pickup, assign AWB number and print manifest, invoice & shipping label in just a few clicks.. You can also manage your orders easily on a single platform. And the major point is that the rates are pre-negotiated. Thus, you save money on your freight bills as well.

Q. Do You Provide Multi-Point Pickup?

A. Currently this feature is not available in our platform, but it is on the roadmap and will be available soon.

Q. I Don’t Wish To Use Shiprocket Service. Can I Use Any Other Courier Company For My Kartrocket Store?

A. Ofcourse! You can use any courier company of your choice, if you don’t wish to use ShipRocket for the same. But, the process will be manual
Marketing & Sales

Q. What are Apps?

A. Apps are features to extend your store over and above the inbuilt functionality provided in the KartRocket platform. None of our in-house apps are paid separately. However, you might have to pay for third party apps. You can check which apps are available in your plan of choice by visiting

Q. Is my website Search Engine Optimized? Do I have to anything extra?

A. All KartRocket themes are SEO optimized. Also, we offer you apps to take care of on-page SEO.

Q. What Is Marketplace Integration? How Can I Sell On Marketplaces?

A. We have tied up with 99yrs to enable multi-channel selling on India’s biggest marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Shopclues and Paytm. All you need to pay a onetime listing fee to 99yrs. Read plan details here:

Q. What Is Sell On Facebook? Is There Any Cost Involved In This?

A. Sell On Facebook is an app through which you can list down your products on your Facebook page and sell directly. This way, you fans become your customers. This is available for our Unlimited and Enterprise plan clients for free.

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