Hyperlocal Marketplace Solutions

Stand Out in the ‘On-Demand’ Delivery Model

Empower your consumer by letting them decide when, where, and how to shop.
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Faster Delivery

Imagine a position where you can offer 4-hour delivery window to your customers.
Build a niche for yourself by providing your consumers with a service your competitor cannot. With the help of a highly localized fulfillment system, you have the ability to assign demanded goods to your local merchant to achieve the same day or even the same hour delivery.
fast delivery
realtime management

Real-Time Management

  • 1. End-to-End Management
    It’s easy to make comprehensible business strategies when you use a fully-automated management system. Manage multiple POS, Payments, Fulfilments, Stock, and Analytics from one place. Create a single identity for your organization by reducing labor, and any possibility of human error.
  • 2. Get Advanced Point-of-Sale System
    Seamlessly synchronize your brick-and-mortar outlets with eCommerce sales channels using an advanced Retailer POS. Create an environment for your customers where they can flawlessly move in between your various sales mediums. This new-era POS gives you features like In-Store Pickup, Multi-Shipping, Returns, Exchanges, Inventory Management, Endless Aisle, and Loyalty Programs. Utilize consistent information, centralized data, and cross-channel functionality to get a competitive edge over other retailers.

Location-Based Intelligence

Increase your conversion rate by helping your customers find the nearest store, pick up, or delivery location. You can even use geolocation to send targeted communication to market your products. With a location-aware website or mobile application, take a step ahead and manage hourly based deliveries, pickup from store, in-store returns, etc.
locations based
locations based

Mobile App

  • 1. For Consumers
    Make your customers’ lives convenient by providing them a native mobile app experience. The location-based app works great on both Android and iOS devices. Let your users virtually enter a nearby store to browse and buy their desired products. As a seller, use this app to manage everything like shipping, delivery location, shipping rate, retailer information, products, and order management.
  • 2. For Retailers
    Not every retailer is tech-savvy, and that’s why we provide a mobile app any person can use to easily add and edit products. This is an android based app with features like: Add and Manage products, Order handling, Order history, Shipments & Remittance.

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