1. Domain name registration is the sole responsibility of the merchant.

  2. KartRocket shares significant relationships with leading payment gateways in India, which is why we’re able to offer free setup and low transaction rates. While we help you get connected to the most suitable payment gateway of choice, account registration & activation is the responsibility of merchant.

  3. Billing start s within 30 days from the sign up date. Actual billing Start Date is either Store Live Date (domain pointing date) or from the next day when the 30 day Go Live grace period is over.

  4. Finalizing the template is the first st ep during the store setup process. If the merchant requests assistance with setup, once work is initiated on a particular template, we cannot support changes to that. H owever, the merchant is free to change a template and re – design/setup themselves as many times as they would like.

  5. A dedicated Go Live expert w ill be assigned to the merchant who will provide a welcome call within 2 days of advance payment and provi de a road map to the merchant for setting up their store within 30 days.

  6. Go Live Expert will arrange 3 trainings – Basic, Advanced and ShipRocket training over the 30 day period as p er discussion with the merchant ( training will be provided over Skype, Team Viewer or Google Hangout as per client preference ).

  7. Coordination with Go Live Expert will primarily coordinate over email and if required, will assist the client over phone.

  8. The Go Live period is to p rovide as much hand – holding required as possible to the merchant – but does not include

    1. Custom Design

    2. Any changes done at our end to the template (unless signed up for the custom theme package starting at Rs. 25,000)

    3. Creation of any artwork, logo s, graphics, banners, etc.

    4. Adding any CSS or HTML code to the template

    5. Building any user interface based or business rules based functionality

    6. Creating or editing product data for upload

    7. Cleaning or editing product images before upload

    8. Creation of static pages such as About Us, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.

  9. Support from Go Live Experts (Project Managers) will only be available for 30 days from the signup date. After these 30 days all the issues will be enter tained by our support team . You need to register and raise tickets on support.kartrocket.com or send an email to support@kartrocket.com.

  10. Support response times are 2 – 4 hours for Unlimited plan, 4 – 8 hours for Professional plan and 8 – 16 hours for starter plan. These response times apply M – F, 10. 00 AM to 6.30 PM only. No onsite training or support is offered. Please note, these are response times only and do not guarantee issue resolution.

  11. Support will always first invol ve sending ready documentation and guides to the merchant, followed up one to one support, if required.

  12. Starter and Professional plans get only email and ticket support. Unlimited plan has call back support. For dedicated support, please write to sales@ka rtrocket.com to enquire about Enterprise plan.

  13. We follow a no refund policy – so whether you change your mind the very next day, or mid – month, we cannot offer refunds!

**Payment gateway setup takes minimum 15 day s time, so this has to be the first thin g that a merchant should decide and initiate**

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