[section_dd class=’p0 main-banner’ bg_image=’https://360.shiprocket.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Main-banner-3.jpg’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′ bg_color=’#606cfb’][column_dd span=’6′][hidden_dd devices=’phabphone’][/hidden_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′ class=’p-xl’][h_dd type=’1′ class=’mt-xl’]Omnichannel Retail Solutions[/h_dd][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]Touch Every Step of your Customer Journey[/h_dd][text_dd]Join ‘Everywhere Commerce’ by focussing on customer interaction, experience, products, and your brand.[/text_dd][clear_dd][/clear_dd][button_dd text=’Request a Call Back’ size=’medium’ color=’blue’ style=’rounded’ url=’/contact’ target=’_blank’ class=’pl-xl pr-xl mt-xl ml0 button-shadow’][/button_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd class=’p0 cstm-sec omni-sec’ bg_image=’https://360.shiprocket.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/rectangular-bg.png’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’6′][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]Omni-Channel Shopping Experience[/h_dd][text_dd] Maximize your sales and foster long-term customer retention by creating a seamless synergy between your bricks-and-mortar stores, mobile browsing, e-commerce marketplaces, website, and other social channels. Become a robust omnichannel retailer by providing a consistent and connected shopping experience to your buyers. With our fully integrated approach, you will be able to connect different digital mediums to provide end-to-end solutions to your customers. This includes; Pickup from the store, Faster Delivery, Option to buy out-of-stock products, in-store returns, etc. A well-organized omnichannel strategy will help you retain the majority of your customers.[/text_dd][clear_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′ class=’image_side’]Omni Channel[/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd class=’p0 cstm-sec’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’6′ class=’image_side’]Single Customer[/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]Single Customer View[/h_dd][text_dd]Keep your communication and targeting consistent across all channels with Single Customer View. Collect a large amount of customer data which helps you understand the user’s purchase behavior, buying history, and his/her explicit and implicit interests. Also, create a range of tailored communication executed via Mobile App, Website, Social Media Marketing, and other marketing platforms.
Shift your customers from a reactive mentality to a proactive state of mind with tools like an in-store app and a data-centric platform. Discover what appeals to an individual with the holy grail of SCV. [/text_dd][clear_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd bg_image=’https://360.shiprocket.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/rectangular-bg.png’ class=’p0 single-invet-sec cstm-sec’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’12’][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]Single Inventory & Order Management Model[/h_dd][text_dd class=”details-img”]icon[/text_dd][text_dd class=”details”][h_dd type=’3′]One Inventory[/h_dd]

Fulfill a customer’s demand no matter how and where they shop. With our robust omnichannel strategy, get enhanced visibility of your stock across different channels and a segmented supply chain process. You don’t need a single physical location to have your complete inventory, but multiple points combined with a network-wide model that allocates stock on a central-demand basis.

[/text_dd][text_dd class=”details-img”]icon[/text_dd][text_dd class=”details endless-sec”][h_dd type=’3′]Endless Aisle[/h_dd]

Give your customers a multitude of options to choose from. An endless aisle is a digital storefront of your physical stores which makes the whole buying process highly streamlined. Imagine a customer enters your store only to find out his favorite product is out-of-stock. With a digital storefront, you can sell and deliver that product to his address even with no physical inventory. This seamless experience gives the utmost satisfaction to your customer which later results in high retention. Not just this, there are many other benefits of an endless aisle:

[/text_dd] [text_dd class=”details-img”]icon[/text_dd][text_dd class=”details eff-order”] [h_dd type=’3′] Efficient Order Management[/h_dd]Order Management is the brain of your whole omnichannel strategy. Allow us to create a multi-functional, smooth, and reliable order management system for your organization that ensures effortless order processing. The order management tool determines an order reaches its customer in the most optimized way, thus achieving utmost customer satisfaction. Minimize the possibility of mistakes, decrease labor and shipping costs. [/text_dd][text_dd class=”details-img”]icon[/text_dd][text_dd class=”details”] [h_dd type=’3′]Ship from Store[/h_dd]Enjoy a competitive edge over retailers by shipping orders directly from your physical stores. Reduced delivery time plays a major role in acquiring and retaining customers. With ‘Ship from Store,’ leverage inventory, labor, and capital already present in your stores. Build brand value, prevent lost orders, and increase the possibility of repeat customers. [/text_dd][clear_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd class=’p0 cstm-sec pb-top’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’6′]icon[/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]In-Store Returns[/h_dd][text_dd]Did you know 30 to 53% of customers tend to return their online purchases?
Therefore, it becomes mandatory for any organization to make their return policies as simple as they can. When you offer multiple return options, you not only make your customers happy but saves money too. Some of the many benefits of in-store returns are low cost, convenience, easy exchanges, and faster refunds.[/text_dd][clear_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd class=’p0 cstm-sec pb-top’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’6′][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′]Click and Collect[/h_dd][text_dd]Reap considerable benefits by blending your online businesses with offline. A Click and Collect feature lets your customers pick their online orders from their nearby store. It’s the most efficient way to get your products to your customers, which also reduces operational costs for you. With the right inventory mix and model, you can make your business customer focussed and profitable at the same time. Besides this, you can offer free shipping, same-day delivery, and complete flexibility to your buyers. Straighten your omnichannel experience by automating your order fulfillment process from inventory allocation to orders handling, and everything in between.[/text_dd][clear_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′]icon[/column_dd][/section_dd] [section_dd class=’p0 home-cstm-sec support-sec center_aligned cstm-sec’ fullwidth=’1′ no_column_margin=’1′][column_dd span=’12’ class=”][h_dd type=’2′ class=’mt-xl cstm-h2′] How Can We Help You? Reach Us Today to Know More[/h_dd][button_dd text=’Request a Demo’ size=’medium’ color=’blue’ style=’rounded’ url=’/contact’ class=’pl-xl pr-xl ml0 button-shadow’][/button_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]

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