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Business Based Registration Page

  • For Retailers/Distributors
    We understand there is a difference between B2B and B2C registration process. That’s why we made a flow designed to meet the expectations of businesses with a huge distributor/retailer network. The login page has multiple categories like business details, GSTIN, Name, Email Id, Contact details, Delivery Address, Age, Gender, etc. Based on the sign up process, you can show different information, products, and categories to different clients.
  • For Suppliers
    In order to minimize the confusion, we provide a separate supplier login page to our B2B clients. This gives suppliers access to download barcode series and POs. In addition, you can create a supplier profile to assign multiple products to one supplier, view POs status, accept, reject, and edit POs.
Customized design
Sales channels

Cart, Checkout, and Processing

Make the buying process more efficient by giving your retailers and distributors clear visibility of their purchases. Give your client the benefit of accessing features like Multiple Products View, Total No. of Units, Per Unit Price, and Cumulative Product Price. In addition to this, we give you an order review and acceptance/rejection process too.

Customer and Quantity Based Pricing

There is a huge difference between B2B and B2C pricing model. In B2C you have the same pricing for each of your customers, whereas in B2B your prices vary upon multiple factors. We give you the freedom to define product prices based on different customers and order quantity.

Minimum & Maximum Order Capability

You can easily define the minimum or maximum order quantity per item using Shiprocket 360 MoQ capabilities. Distinguish items for B2B and B2C resellers/distributors in a few clicks.

Warehouse Management System

Create multiple virtual warehouses to allocate inventory and SKUs. This feature allows our clients to
  • Add single or multiple warehouse locations as per their need.
  • Add sort order and zone for each warehouse which helps in the auto deduction of stock.
  • Option to edit/view warehouse stock for each product from the product form page.
  • Option to manually add warehouse stock per order from order list/info page.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Create a marketplace with multiple sellers to fulfill your orders in a timely and efficient manner. Here;
  • You can upload inventory for your distributors/retailers and assign orders to them based on geolocation, inventory availability, etc.
  • Your retailers and resellers can upload their inventory and process orders on their own via your website.

Purchase Order Generation

Generate purchase orders for your suppliers based on predefined product quantity.
  • 1. Admin can enable generating the purchase order automatically:
    • Whenever the customer places the order
    • Whenever the product quantity becomes zero after placing the order
    • If the inventory reduces to a certain threshold
  • 2. Admin can easily manage inventory with the help of this module.
  • 3. Both Admin and supplier will receive email notification for any modification.
  • 4. The Admin can add a new supplier and manage the entire records of the existing ones.

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